Short Skirts

Short skirts are true all-rounders and an integral part of women’s wardrobe

While the mini skirt is popular years particularly in young women since its invention by Mary Quant in the sixties knee-length skirts are among the Favorites of all ages. Very short skirts were still riot at the Conservatives, they are indispensable today in fashion. The revival of the fifties and sixties brings also the pencil skirt and the plate and pleated skirt back into fashion. This knee-length variants include the classics for the profession and for formal occasions since time immemorial. The short skirts stylish effect due to their length and can be easily combined with a shirt and a Blazer. The miniskirt is used mainly for leisure.

Skirts are worn short, draw out by changeability
short skirts are versatile with T-Shirts, tops, sweaters and blouses combine and also year round wear. With a pantyhose, sweater and warm boots, short skirts are just like in the summer, with sandals in the winter and a light top combined the perfect companion for the whole day. In color, length, cut and design, short skirts leave no wish unfulfilled. In our assortment you will find the short skirt for the Office as well as basics for everyday light summer skirts for the beach as an alternative to a summer dress, skirts for evening and special occasions. Accordingly, the offer includes solid skirts, with patterns such as stripes and flowers decorated models and variants with detailed adornment. The material varies from cotton, denim, Jersey wool up to high-quality fibres. While the mini skirt emphasizes especially the legs, the skirt is the emphasis on the waist. The pencil skirt emphasised buttocks, waist, and legs, and is therefore considered extremely feminine and elegant. Style short skirts vary the cut, the pattern and the fabric in classic, modern, restrained or extravagant. Depending on the occasion and season is the perfect short skirt for the individual event of choice.


Choose your favorite rock!
Hardly a different piece of clothing can be styled so flexible and turn into so many different outfits depending on the combination as the rock. Therefore, it goes without saying that several short skirts in the modern women’s wardrobe can be found. Our selection offers numerous short skirts in fashionable colors and patterns from the basic about the beach rock and the rock of the business to the sexy eye catching. Order your new favorite rock in our online-shop.