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The favorite among the panties

Panties are just as sexy as a string or a narrow slip, but more comfortable. Order seductive panties with imaginative patterns and bright colors in the online shop now! The tight-fitting panties are figure hugging, which usually have no or only extremely short legs and elastic cuffs. The skintight panties put your butt in the limelight and high comfort. Panties can be worn particularly well under tight skirts, trousers or leggings.


Different designs for your individual needs

Discover in the online shop for magical panties of hypoallergenic materials such as cotton, lace or satin. Many panties are decorated at the cuffs with fine tip or cute bows of satin. Regardless of whether you are looking for flat or patterned ladies panties, you will find the matching panties for each occasion. The range of patterned panties will simply delight you: opt for pants with small or large squares, strips, points, floral, abstract patterns or figurative motifs and bring a bit of variety in your lingerie drawer. Large-format prints like leopard prints or peacock prints are an absolute eye-catcher under pants and skirts. You can find a wide selection of flat panties in the diverse range. Panties in bright, vibrant colors are a popular trend not only in the summer.