Shapewear for Women

For a good figure

Shapewear formerly include bodice, corset and support bra. Body shaping underwear accompanied women for centuries and helps them to put her figure perfectly in scene. Modern shaping is underwear in contrast to their predecessors, extremely comfortable and therefore a reliable partner for the whole day.

Little tricks for the perfect figure

Innovative fabrics from a combination of elastic and soft materials nestled comfortably on the skin and provide for high level of comfort. The shaping effect is produced by the skilful cuts and the effective support function. This results in the completely invisible from the outside body shaping. The glamorous dresses of the stars forgive no unnecessary curves on the belly and hips. Movie stars are in favor of the practical shapewear, which can flat the stomach and make the hips shapely.

Shapewear for Women

Experience the miracle of your figure

Shape skirts and accessories as well as bodies and tops with shape effect, all subtle and invisible doing her character wonders, are now indispensable in the linen closet of many women. The solid pieces of clothing based in the right places and cleverly conceal problem areas. Who wants to conjure up only a flat stomach reverts to form slip or waist belt. The whole silhouette shape dresses, camisoles and catsuits. Trousers of form of and form leggings conjure up beautiful lean thighs. Tops can be combined with the usual bra prove to be particularly handy. In addition, these tops are can be used, because adapts the garment such as a multi-way bra to registered. For a spectacular cleavage, a push-up Bra is the best choice. In addition to great effect on the efficiency of the figure, shapewear has a further advantage: dresses, tops, skirts and even jeans sit suddenly like a glove. The dream dress that previously wanted to slip over the hip, slides now slightly down, and jeans sit without to tweak and even after a delicious meal, the figure-hugging top not across the stomach tightens. It is therefore advisable to try on the new dress or the tight pencil skirt with shapewear immediately evaluate seat and look. For ladies, who are generally satisfied with their curves, wear like body-shaping underwear, because each piece of clothing fits perfectly with movements.