Seven Pieces to Assemble Your Essential Jewelry Holder

Every woman has a favorite jewel, which can be used in various occasions. In some cases, the play becomes a kind of second skin, and we can’t even get out of the House without her! But, what parts can be regarded as indispensable in jewel, those that we “must-have”? In today’s post we present a selection with the h. Stern jewelry models. Check out:

1-Solitaire Ring: The solitary rings always appear at the top of the list of most desirable jewelry. In h. Stern, the classic model gets a contemporary and exclusive interpretation through the Lonely Stern Noble diamonds carved on the base of Noble Gold with six claws, reproducing the six points of the star which is the signature look of the h. Stern. There is also the Antares, in which all the beauty of the diamond, in brilliant cut, is revealed. For women who appreciate the stoning of court square, the lone Stern Princess, with your shimmery, perfect jewel.

2-Rings: The rings earrings are versatile and never come out of the picture, as well as add style to a variety of looks-from the most formal to the jeans + t-shirt combo. The earrings of the collection are a retelling of traditional Galilei rings and bring a light and interesting design. If you are a fan of the brilliance of diamonds, our tip are the earrings MyCollection.

3-stud Earring-for those who prefer small earrings, the model Stars is infallible-and also one of the Favorites of celebrities to parade in red carpet events or for more informal occasions. The earrings Galilei, yellow gold and gold also Noble with diamonds are other options, which give a discreet visual brightness.

4-string of pearls-Classics in the world of Jewellery, pearl necklaces could not miss in our selection! The long necklace Stars has strategically located in clasps gold stars Noble with diamonds, which allow you to use the preferred size-smaller, larger, with less or more laps. Already the MyCollection is an edited version of the jewel, with more traditional pearls in larger size.

5-Ring statement – for lovers of rings, the statement templates are required. We elect those who combine large stones, such as IRIS, 18 k red gold case with Topaz and diamond nude, Rua das Pedras Noble gold with amethyst and Highlight, yellow gold with citrine according to EZINESPORTS.COM.

6-Bracelet-The delicate bracelets are charming and give the finishing touch to the looks. The smaller version of the Sutra bracelet, the DVF collection by h. Stern, has perfect size to be used every day. If you prefer jewelry with minimalist aesthetic, the rigid bracelets MyCollection are a great option.

7-gold necklace-to close the infallible jewelry, nothing like a versatile gold wire with personality. Our suggestion is the Fluid Gold, a long flexible cord with Bugle beads of yellow gold, which can be used in a variety of ways, with less or more laps to make it into the ideal length for every occasion. He also can make a beautiful bracelet, if wrapped around the wrist with many turns.

And you, what jewel considers it essential? Leave your comment!