Samsung Galaxy Omnia M-Meet this Phone!

We’re going to make you better informed about this new smartphone, all resources, talk about your specifications and opine on all his characteristics.

Samsung Galaxy Omnia M-Meet this Phone

The Samsung Omnia M hits the market with a bold design with a 4 inch screen, total interactivity on social networks by the People Hub and a huge variety of applications that can be found for download on Windows Marketplace store.

Check now some specs of the device:

The main attractions of this smartphone are the various resource it has, get to know a little more about each of them.

Dislplay of 4 Inches

As has been said before he tells the Super Amoled technology which allows a battery economy by up to 20%.

Windows Phone 7.5

Keep a contact easily and make a mobilisation by his social interface, enabling further enhance these functions through unique applications from Samsung.


Beautiful is the word ideally elegant due its size, shape and weight that allows for a very nice handling.


You will count with one of the best platforms for games to play on your mobile phone anywhere.

Multimedia Central

People Hub is responsible for unifying and integrating access in one place to all social networks, facilitating its access and interactivity. Counting still with AllShare which allows the display of content on a TV screen and Windows Live Skydrive that releases its internal memory by a cloud storage.


With this smartphone you have access to internet browsing 3 g, HSPA 7.2 Mbps, in addition to a 1 GHz processor that allows you to run applications much faster. The appliance has new and exclusive Samsung application for video calls on a front-facing camera, with a much higher quality of voice and image for video calling over 3 g.

For being a launch in the middle of 2012, we can highlight how negative point low internal memory capacity is only 4 GB, which is considered to be very little in the day. But the truth is that there are more attractive and the advantages of having a unit of these are huge, you agree? Like the Samsung Omnia.