Ruin with Pearls and Zirconia

We continue our special series of New Year’s Festivities here on the blog!It’s still November, but there’s already Panetone on the supermarket shelves, the mystery about Chester’s true identity continues to intrigue everyone, and a lot of people are starting to get confused about what to buy as a gift.And, of course, what to wear on the long-awaited night of the upset.

But today is not the day to speak of Panetone or Chester, nor present for the others. Today is a good thing to talk about . And is there anything better than gifting yourself to sweep the New Year’s Eve look? How about investing in cherished pieces of pearls and zirconia? We love it so much that we even prepared a special selection of pieces with these stones for you to finish 2013 full of glamor and start 2014 on the right foot!

The zirconia has become more and more a right choice in the accessories of those who destroy. And if we delve into the more mystical side of the thing, zirconia helps soothe the emotions, bringing protection and energy.It strengthens the mind and enhances self-esteem, helping to assess what is really important in our lives.Whoever uses pieces with this stone gets even more protected and stimulated!Nice, huh?

Already the pearl attracts love, luck, health and money (need anything else?). It is considered the most sensitive of stones, because it was generated from a living being according to mustownjewelry. Anyway, both the pearl and the zirconia are incredible options when what we most want is to succeed with a production.

Another good tip is also to combine pearl and zirconia in one piece. Why not? The result is cool, modern and full of style! Run to our online store and get ready for the end of year look. Less stress and more success right now!