Rhinestone Makeup Ideas

The cosmetics brand are always looking for something new to be launched on the market to amaze us beauty addicted; often the tricks devised by the high-end makeup homes become real objects of desire, some may be purchased with some “sacrifice”, others are destined to remain in dreams and wishlist. Here are 6 tips jewel among the most famous …

Rhinestone Makeup Ideas

1) Nail polish with Essie platinum powder

The well-known brand, specializing in nail products, has created a glaze containing powdered platinum, the packaging of the product is made ​​with the same material. Definitely a collector’s item to be put on display on the vanity table and use it sparingly. The price is $ 55,000.00, about 55,000 euro.

2) Models Own smalto in oro

Another nail polish to be counted among the jewel tricks is to Models Own, brand also sold at Sephora. The packages are always very delicious, in this case, he thought of a nail laquer containing gold. The cap is studded with diamonds. Even for this item price is six zeros: $ 132,740, around EUR 132.000,00. Almost all men would spend this amount for a Ferrari, we girls?

3) Line of enamels by Christian Louboutin

We return with our feet on the ground, the next is an object from the collection much more accessible, the enamel Christian Louboutin, famous for designer shoes with red sole, made ​​his debut in the beauty world with a line of glazes that are inspired by her footwear. The packaging, in fact, recalls the stiletto heel of her heeled model par excellence. The shades available are 35 red lacquer to Pop, Nude up to the Noir,nuances that are named after the color of his shoes. Price 40,00 EUR

4) Rossetti by Christian Louboutin

After the nails, Louboutin also thinks the lips creating a collection of lipsticks inspired by the Egyptian queen Nefertiti (the meaning of the name is “the beauty comes”), that by right, enter the list of jewel tricks. The pack is unique and refined, the product cover is a ring inside which can be made ​​to pass a ribbon or a chain to wear it as a necklace . The 38 shades are divided into three lines; Silky Satin which is composed of 20 lipsticks from satin finish, recognizable from its packaging gold; Velvet Matte lipsticks are 9 from matte finish and are distinguished because the stick is made ​​of opaque material; Finally Sheer voile, which are semi-transparent lipstick on her lips. Red typical of the sole is present in all lines as a hymn to red sole.The price for each of these masterpieces is between 90 and 100 Euros.

5) Guerlain Diamond Lipstick

The famous brand Guerlain is known for the sophistication of the products and the packaging carefully. In this case it has far exceeded all expectations creating a lipstick enclosed in two particular types of packaging; a gold 18 carat with 119 diamonds, l ‘other ralizzata in gold with emeralds and rubies; if this were not enough, the ‘case of lipstick can be personalized with the engraving of his name. The price is staggering, $ 62,000 approximately 60,000.00 euro.

6) Mascara H.Couture Beauty

The eyes are the mirror of ‘soul, which is why they deserve a makeup worthy of note in this regard H.Couture Beauty has created a mascara enclosed in a box made ​​of solid gold and completely covered with diamonds, all for the modest figure of 14 million dollars; the lucky ones who were able to buy this authentic work of art, they also brought home a lifetime supply of pipe cleaners and refills for the mascara.

For which of these would you be willing to do tricks jewel follies?