Quality Ceramic Knives for Your Kitchen

Vetro-plus as a company selling household items such as household textiles, furniture, tools, lighting and many more.

Our products include high-quality kitchen knives. At home and especially in the kitchen knife is an essential part. On our site you will find a wide range of different knives. We are ceramic knives, knives with nonstick surface.

Choose among us can even classic knives with high quality steel blade. Knives are very nicely designed. All of our kitchen knives have a massive steel and wooden handle, which is adapted to fit snugly in the hand. They easily nebrousitelné sharp and can cut them very hard foods. Conventional blades are typically designed for slicing meat and tougher materials. Fruits and vegetables is best to use ceramic knives that here also purchased. With them out of the fruit is lost in essential vitamins.
We refer, of course, except ceramic knives and conventional steel knives that are needed to work with harder foods. They have the quality to nebrousitelné blade and quality wooden handle. If you are looking knife for camping or fishing, you can find it also in our offer in the sports section of the knife. We kind of fixed and with folding blades. The knives are plastic with a wooden handle.
Our main goal is to offer products for everyday activity at a bargain price, but also with high utility worthy of a modern design. Most of the goods are in stock, which guarantees you a minimum delivery time. So do not hesitate and order your quality knives at us.