Powerful Smartphones, but Slow. How to Solve?

This week was at the House of friends and as almost all are in the area of technology, these meetings end up being also a demonstration of the latest in gadgets. Each has a different device, personal preferences regarding brands and operating systems defended the iron and fire. But something common I can gather even more powerful appliances were not as agile and fast as the same models displayed in the stands. The explanation for this was actually quite easy to figure out: excess applications running in the background.

The solution is really simple: uninstall what is not used frequently. The Pareto principle serves perfectly in this case.

20% of applications are responsible for 80% of what is done on your smartphone!

Doubt it? Make a short list (on paper) of the apps you use every day! If you don’t reach 10, push to add a couple more that really uses from time to time. Those who are not in this list are great candidates to be deleted!

The main problem of having multiple apps installed is that most of them need some processing to be performed in the background. They will be running at some point even if you don’t use them. And this contributes to the battery lasts less. Remove unused apps is one of the first rules to make cell phone battery last longer!

And to uninstall everything that you don’t wear more quickly? The suggestion is to install an application. I recommend the Root Uninstaller. Already use for some time and it is very light. Allows you to select a list of all the apps you want to uninstall and remove each of them quickly. You still need to confirm the uninstall process which is done only by Google Play (old Android Market), but just click OK on each screen to be open, asking if you want to remove even the App this is a safe way in the Android to prevent a program erase the other without user consent.

After you do a clean in your smartphone, restart and comment here saying the result. On my unit the improvement was significant and do it at least once a month, because there are many apps that install to test and forgot to remove.