Power Cover: The Extended Battery for the Galaxy S5

More power with the power cover! You want more power for your Galaxy S5? You can have it! The power cover of Anymode a real surge of energy gives the Samsung Galaxy S5! The battery installed in the hull, the Galaxy S5 starts by correctly, because it gets almost twice as much strength and endurance so as it did from the factory with the built-in standard battery from Samsung.

The Power Cover Gives Twice as Much Juice the S5

The power cover of Anymode makes the Galaxy S5 although a lot thicker, for it has but also far more power. The Anymode power cover fits exactly on the Galaxy S5 and provides it with its built-in battery with more power. The power cover has it all: with its rate of 2.260 mAh’s doubled the capacity of the battery integrated in the Galaxy S5 almost – whose capacity is 2,800 mAh. Charged cell phone battery and power cover be parallel using the built-in port of mobile phones. How far the process has progressed, one shows an LED light. The power cover can any on push of a button and be turned off and in the control of smartphones don’t mind also, because access to the controls, the speakers, to the camera and the headphones is maintained despite the power cover.

Thick Cover, Proud Price

Who wants to upgrade his Galaxy S5 with the power cover, have to take two things into account: one is the Galaxy S5 with the applied power cover to a whopping six millimeters thick, on the other one for this super strong battery must lay a regular price – according to EIA the manufacturer the power cover trading costs 92.90 euro.

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