Plus Size: Set the Look with Elegance

Specialist reveals tricks to enhance chubby women’s silhouette

Fashion plus size has been gaining more and more space in the fashion universe, allowing women chubby to enhance their styles with each new season! The trend is already prominent in collections of famous brands, and even reason for major events, such as Fashion Weekend Plus Size, recently held in São Paulo.

Always in touch with the main movements of the sector, the personal and corporate image consultant Marcele Goes, director of the Style Under Measure and member of the AICI (International Image Consulting Association), reveals some fashion tricks for the women GG manikin to hit the composition Of the looks, without giving up the elegance!
The first tip is to avoid marked bands at the waist, barred and several horizontal breaks.”These details contribute to make the person appear broader than tall,” says Marcele. Overweight women, and especially those who have the volume distributed throughout the body, should opt for clothes without many bust details down, and you can get more from


It is also very important that the garment is shaped appropriately to the bulky parts. The bust cut, for example, needs to be fully bust. In addition, a cardigan can not be used just open. “It needs to involve almost the entire body, even if it does not close completely,” she notes.

Make-up can also be explored. “It’s important to make it more elaborate, to perfectly match the look and draw attention to the face,” says Marcele. The use of colored neckties or clothes, as well as a shoulder detail or a nice earring, also contribute to enhance the upper part of the body.

Another important point, according to Marcele, is the use of color.Black is great for camouflaging and visually contracting, though, it’s not the only option.”A dark look looks heavy, especially when it’s still made up of a third piece (blazer or jacket). Deep colors, such as navy, eggplant and lead gray, camouflage as much as black and give other air to production.”