Plus Size Dresses for Special Occasions

Special occasion dresses for plus sizes? No problem, just respect the proportions and choose a cut that enhances the silhouette. For inspiration, look at the clothes in hoticle.

Who says find plus size formal wear is a problem? However, when we receive a participation tend to get into the balloon. Let’s go to a wedding is nice but how much hassle from charge, starting precisely from the drama of “I have nothing to wear”. And things get complicated if we recently put on a few extra pounds and all there is in the cloakroom there is fine.

The curvy dress

Respect the proportions, that’s the secret of a dress that falls to the brush. Better to give priority to soft but not too bulky. Green light to the coolest seasonal colors, from emerald green to purple eggplant, passing through the red and many other vitamin colors: in short, there is plenty of choice. Dispel this stupid cliché that a curvy should necessarily wear blue or black, although no doubt the dark colors tend to thin out the silhouette, but it is said that these should be the only colors in the wardrobe of a curvy. Surely you should choose a solid outfit, too many patterns or colors mixed in one strand tend to cut the figure, then to highlight the shapes. No frills, ruffles and tiers of any kind because they give volume, in other words certainly don’t parade. Avoid fabrics, such as jersey, which tend to highlight critical points inside, instead those softer like chiffon which fit the body without much traction on curves.

Plus Size Dresses for Special Occasions

The dresses to choose

Don’t just pick the right color, even the cut of the dress should fit your physicality, so although it may like the idea of wearing a dress for a wedding ceremony, you’ll have to fall back on a dress that rather than bring out the critical points, highlighting your curves in the right way. Let’s start from the length, not necessarily you will need to wear a long dress, nothing will stop you to choose your mini-dresses above the knee, the important thing is that the dress will fall so soft and that the shoe is not too high. Generally a very high heel puts too much out of the calf, which tends to contract, better then a shoe more easy, with a medium heel comfortable and squared. If the wedding is at night and the location is very formal, choice can only fall back on a long dress in Empire style, then snapped underneath the pump from falling down to soft at your sides, feet, instead, a nice sandal, also the highest since the legs remain completely covered. In General whatever you choose remember that dress should not bind nor belly or flanks, must hide critical points but emphasize curves and cleavage.