Plus Size Bras Online

Pretty bras for larger sizes – discover the different designs

A bra should have a modern look and a comfortable fit. The bosom must be supported effectively at the same time and easily brought in the form of for a pretty cleavage is created. The bras of the latest generation are a perfect fit and sit like a second skin. Bras are close to skin, so they are primarily made of soft materials such as cotton. In addition to timeless classics, ladies will find many exciting bras with seductive tip or slightly transparent inserts.

Plus Size Bras

Special handling for better well being

A bra of large sizes should be first and foremost on a good processing. The shoulders and the neck area of a plus size bra must be reinforced especially. Therefore, many variants boast wider straps that do not cut the skin and leave no unpleasant pressure points. The bras that the carriers are lightly padded are also available. This kind of bra offers an even more pleasurable feeling and can feel at home in the lingerie all around.

Wider Strap Bra


If you are looking for a plus size bra, there are some tips you should notice. Large cups should be preformed to model a more natural breast shape. The bust size is thereby placed in an appealing form. In addition, the cups are often sewed seamlessly, so that they are not emerging just under close-fitting clothes. Customers with a large size bra can wear what they like, because the bra is virtually invisible. Especially in the summer, the so-called T-thirt bras are a real gain for the closet. On hoticle bra category, the bras are worked entirely without visible seams so that customers choosing their outfits have even more freedom.

Plus Size T-shirt Bra

Minimizer bras

Minimizer bra will make the bosom appear not too rich in tight tops or turtlenecks. The cups of minimizer bra are usually made from strong fabric and tailored seamlessly. They completely enclose the breasts and run forward slightly pointed to the bosom. So visually creates the impression of a smaller cup size and many shells sit relaxed.

Plus Size Minimizer Bra


There is a large selection and a matching bra for large size breasts. You can find the bra pained with floral pattern, simply in white, black or champagne or playful with tip. There is a wide variety of style to fit your taste. Especially nice laundry acts not least when combined with matching briefs or panties.