Plastic Surgery After Pregnancy

Ask questions about postpartum plastic surgery

The pregnancy is without doubt one of the most striking moments in the life of a woman, but it is also a period when intense emotional and physical changes occur. The breasts can be fallen, the abdomen, back and hips may be accumulation of fat, sagging and can still arise the terrible stretch marks.

After the birth of the baby, the recovery process of the silhouette occurs in a period of 3 to 6 months. However, this period may be a little longer shorts of summer for some pregnant women and changes in the physical form of the new mom remain highly visible any longer. Fortunately, the plastic surgery after pregnancy can fix all that and still help women in recovery of self-esteem.

It is common for some women resort to plastic surgery shortly after birth, but ideally only perform surgery, at least, between 8 and 12 months of the birth of the baby. That’s because after the birth the body undergoes major hormonal changes and adaptations organic, mainly due to breast feeding. Even after this period, the woman should undergo a plastic surgery if you are in good physical condition and with the weight close to the ideal.

The liposuction may be the best technique to reshape the body, and wipe the fat located in the abdomen, back and thighs. In the case of already sagging, the preferred procedure is the tummy tuck. The correction of the breast is also between the procedures of postpartum plastic surgery more common. In addition to the purpose of correcting and lift the breasts, some women seek surgeons to make silicone implants.

In all cases it is essential that the plastic surgeon examine the condition of the patient to decide the most appropriate type of surgery so that the results are satisfactory.