Parah Swimwear, 2015 Summer Collection 

Parah swimwear, one of the most popular brand for fashionable beachwear presents us with the most beautiful models of the new line that opens the summer 2015. Between classic and bikini swimsuits there is an embarrassment of choice, and do not go unnoticed even detailed workmanship. A line waiting to be discovered.

Ready for swimsuit season? Not yet? Then while you undertake with diet and exercise, we would like to take this opportunity to present the new collection of costumes Parah for summer 2015.There are so many lines, and all designed to suit the needs of a woman in your face even at sea. From the classic solid line, characterized by monochrome bikinis and swimsuits, prints more cool summer, there is an embarrassment of choice. And of course not forgetting the importance of details, which for Parah are what then really made the difference. Thus we discover together the most beautiful models of the new collection of costumes Parah 2015.

The new beachwear collection opens with the line “the colors of Parah that encompasses virtually all solid models, classic, although the cuts and finishes are definitely original, and as always, between the bikinis, triumphs that with bandeau top.

But the brand doesn’t make us miss some fantasies, not even more details, as the line is inspired by the world of nature representing it through geometric graphics ipercolorati. Finish glossy and glamorous for the Precious series, which focuses on the nude hues, but also on a shade of blue that almost looks like denim.

Studs and sequins could not come to a line that focuses on the details. Want to show off a new costume for the first day of sunshine? Then don’t miss the most beautiful models of the new collection by Parah.