Panties in Larger Sizes

Lingerie in larger sizes

Panties size ladies with curves offer comfortable wearing comfort in an attractive design. Fashionable cuts and appealing details to make real gems from the underwear. Here you will discover briefs for large sizes in huge selection. Of course, you get all sizes at the same price.

Colorful variety with panties from bridgat

Boring panties in large sizes from white rib thing of the past. The current lingerie fashions for women presented in large sizes varied and colourful. Tight strings of up to covering is extends the versatile collection. Simple basics for everyday life are convenient and inexpensive in attractive multiple packs also pleasing. Sexy lingerie from shimmering fabrics adorned with delicate lace are of course also in the selection of panties in large sizes. You order the bra in a suitable design to also request.

Comfortable fit – panties from bridgat

In everyday life, soft briefs in large sizes made of pure cotton are especially convenient. The skin-friendly natural fibre is smooth, breathable and durable. Briefs are the most popular panties in large sizes. They sit directly on the hip and fit perfectly under all trousers and skirts. Width, elastic cuffs in contrasting colours and a coordinated piping on the leg create a sporty look. Decorated with cute Printmotiven the clothes put a smile on the face and also simple basics look fashionably chic. Elegant lace, delicate loops and gently shimmering fabrics emphasize the feminine look, look refined tempting. Bedeckender is tailored, they come up to the navel. Under these briefs in large sizes, sent small rolls disappear and the kidney area is kept warm.

Convenient strings in large sizes at bridgat

Short strings are the opposite with the panties for larger sizes. Front fabric covers the shame, laterally and in the rear area only narrow belts run. Even ladies with lush forms can wear a skimpy string panties size great, do not cut the narrow strips of fabric or delicate ligaments, the size is perfectly chosen. The light wash not looming too of tight clothing and very thin fabric. The thong panties show covering, here only the pages are very narrow and finely decorated. You are an attractive alternative to the classic string.

Different models for any Yamaha

Schön Pantys, hipsters and Boxer are covering and yet fashionable and fresh popular underwear for larger sizes. All of these models cover the abdomen and are pleasantly wide cut on the sides. Therefore they skillfully in scene the Po and not emerge under your clothes. The wide-cut Boxer great under loose jeans and own fit than sleepwear in excellent.