The Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses – fabulous outfits on

Gorgeous wedding fashion has in our online shop a a wonderful large selection. If it should be coming soon where you find everything you need for a stylish look as a prospective bride for the wedding here. No matter whether it involves the civil ceremony in a small circle or a lavish feast for the church wedding, at bridgat, you’ll find it with security. Let yourself be inspired by magical clothes, shoes and accessories for your Bridal styling to your wedding. Relax and comfort of the domestic couch you can for your big day as a beautiful bride get suggestions rummaging in our wedding fashions-shop and order your favorites with just a few clicks online.

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Short-sleeved Shirts

Short-sleeved shirts – that fashion-conscious men in the leisure wear

In addition to the classical men’s shirt that has always been with a fixed stock of the wardrobe of stylish and successful men, short-sleeved shirts offer a fashionable alternative for leisure. Modern clothing has adapted after the stylistic changes of the last decades the spirit, so that you can see today at your leisure style consciousness. The collections in the bridgat online shop offer you a wide selection of comfortable short-sleeved shirts make your free moments in the life of a pleasure even fashionable. Discover the versatile offer of bridgat!

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The T-Shirt is the manhood perhaps radiating garment par excellence

Finally it was originally worn by sailors. But only in the 1950s it became a classic. Acting legends such as Marlon Brando and James Dean raise the T-Shirt with jeans and a leather jacket to the symbol of a youth is leaning on. At the latest since the 1980s, the T-Shirt is full and recognized quite as everyday clothing. The wide variety of colours and forms and infinite design options make it a varied top for many occasions.

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Suits & Co.

Suits & co on discover

Each Mr requires at least a suit to be well dressed for important dates and formal events. In many occupations, suits among the mandatory business look. With us you will receive tailored suits and fashionable jackets at affordable prices. With the traditional colors of black, blue or grey men in suits are always. A single-row suit with two buttons is especially versatile. For example, suits, concluded with three buttons are suitable for large, slim built men. A good sitting suit for women is a must for many occasions. As a guest at a wedding or at a job interview, this classic is indispensable. With us, you get a well processed suits for men in many designs and sizes. In addition to the normal sizes you order from us online also slim and stocky sizes with a great value for money. Suits for men are versatile portable. A white or blue shirt with a classic tie, underline the professional appearance in the profession and highlight the serious, businesslike appearance. A strongly tinted or black shirt and sneakers make a great outfit for the visit of a trendy bar scene or a party of same model. Lightweight suits in bright colors and subtle patterns own as well for the profession as for the manicured look in leisure time.

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Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags by bridgat – our dearest companion from morning till night

While we attack at evening events mostly to a small evening bag or clutch, rather larger pocket models are our companions in everyday life. But this yet so different versions have a function then together–like we wear around the shoulder. While in fashion the term frowned upon and often “unfashionable” equated “practical” for a long time with the word, the shoulder bag disabused us at the latest. There is nothing better to stretch the hands while dancing in the air as E.g. in the celebrations or to have at least one hand free after a visit to the supermarket despite shopping bag? This would be impossible without a practical shoulder bag. And to convince you of the very stylish merits of a shoulder bag, a huge range of gorgeous shoulder bags at bridgat online-shop now. See for yourself and be surprised by the many different but always fashionable designs of our shoulder bags, which you can find now amazingly cheap on

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Shoppers at bridgat online-shop – the space for business and leisure

Even if it is completely incomprehensible for the majority of the men, women in everyday need lots of stuff in the bag. You want to be always ready for any situation resulting in the course of the day. So cosmetics, handkerchiefs, a hair brush, clothes or a pair of shoes to change are in addition to the wallet and mobile phone also quite typical bag contents. And so all these essential facilities also accommodate, a shopper to any well equipped wardrobe is simply. It combines functionality and design and offers not only a wide range of room inside, but also boasts a particularly stylish exterior. The large variety of different styles, a shopper on each occasion is the best choice. Whether noble leather for the Office, casual from printed canvas for the beach or trendy with ostrich leather embossing or rivets decorating for city spree – with a shopper always a stylish look succeed.
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Men’s Fashion Basics

Men’s fashion basics – the basics of the wardrobe

Basics – This is the English word for “the Essentials”, “the basics”. And that is the secret of basics in the fashion world: limited to the essentials and the foundations of any wardrobe. The advantage: One is always well dressed with basics – and they can be combined with other simple basic parts or even fallen pieces. Including jeans, jackets, and T-Shirts are among the men’s fashion basics.

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Bed Linen for Children

Kids love colorful and varied

You wear like playful Princess dresses or comic book costumes in the style of their favorite heroes and thus show a particular preference when it comes to clothing and accessories. You collect pictures, figures and cup of their idols and thoughts with you on fantastic journeys. Child-friendly bedding makes a great pleasure their young. You sleep surrounded by Smurfs, Indians and horses and wake up again tomorrow in the protection of their friends at the next. Because children know no bounds in their creative game, their imagination is particularly stimulated by colourful bedding with fun motifs.

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Metal Bracelet

More than a timepiece: watches with metal bracelet

Hard to believe that there has been the first portable watches over five centuries ago. The timepieces were built initially as a pocket watch. There’s the classic watch for about 200 years. Originally equipped with a leather bracelet, found the watches with metal bracelet in the last century slowly spread further. With delicate limbs, they wrap the wrist perfectly and provide years of enjoyment. In addition to Gliederarmbändern, there are also watches with metal bracelet in Clip form in the online shop. This trend watches also provide the finishing touches.

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Cozy Sweater for Girls

The purpose weapon for autumn and winter: sweater for girls

Long sleeve and soft knit material are the ingredients for a sweater. Why is this comfortable piece of clothing of the classics for the cold season. He donates but also warmth on cool spring and summer evenings. In addition to their practical functions delight the sweater for girls in the online shop of bridgat with its dazzling abundance of colors and patterns. Use the simple sort, to filter by size, brand, or your child’s favorite color. This simplifies the selection and makes shopping a pleasure for everyone. In addition to the 16bpc collection explore other brands that present especially models with popular characters from film and television.

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Stockings & Garter Shorts

Stockings for children – hot feet and bright colours

Stockings are an integral part of children’s underwear for everyday. Just so enjoy our cheerful stockings for children of so popular, because the versatile colors, patterns, designs and fit bring fresh momentum into the linen closet and provide good mood. In our online shop you will find a nice selection of naughty stockings for kids who warm the feet and provide for optimal hold in the shoe. The high quality of the materials used makes our stockings durable, robust and it especially easy to clean. So the stockings for children can be easily cleaned in the washing machine and it reliably keep form and colour.

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Sexy Underwear

Lingerie seduces since the last century

Since the end of the 19th century, the lingerie celebrates great success. It can radiate forth men and women look stunning. Earlier, the women wore simple, simple garments. Today, fine tip is incorporated on the carriers, baskets and leg cut-outs.

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Shoes & Stockings

Kids shoes by bridgat

Children should be shoes especially comfortable, but also the optics and a child-friendly handling of shoes may come here not too short. Whether leisure or sport shoe, bridgat children offers shoes of different brands for special occasions and seasons: in addition to sneakers, pumps, boots, sandals and ballerinas see also slippers, mules, slippers, flip flops and clogs in our range.

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Wedding Fashion for Guests

Wedding fashion – dresses for the most beautiful day in the life

At a upcoming wedding not only the bride and groom is worrying about the wedding fashion – wedding guests prepare. At bridgat, you will find wedding fashion for one of the most beautiful days in life. We offer beautiful wedding dresses and the gorgeous wedding fashion for the guests. Facilitate the planning and preparation stress and browse beautiful wedding fashion at

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Jackets for Girls

Jackets for girls – child-friendly fashion for little ones

Jackets for girls are among the pieces of clothing that are used throughout the year. In the spring and summer, lightweight knits and jeans jackets warm on cooler days, and for the fall and winter, there are great children jackets, which can withstand wind and weather. In this case, must donate the jackets then especially sufficient heat, however, may be not too heavy despite the chubby material. If you are looking for jackets for girls, you find many fashionable jackets for every occasion in the online shop of bridgat.

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Sweat & Knitting for Kids

Sweater for kids – perfect to romp, play and cuddle

With cozy sweaters and cardigans made from plush material, your children stay as active as they like it even on cold days. They can move easily in our comfortable sweaters, hoodies, and Boleros. Pondering details such as hooded, big bags or wide collars provide protection against wind and weather, and the colorful designs make immediately the mood.

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Halter Dress

A halter dress conjures up lovely shoulders or a great cleavage

Different carrier modes give their individual touch clothes. A Halter dress works due to his neck binding often very feminine, because the shoulders in the Center. Who does not like wearing cleavage, but want to show some skin, is very well advised with a Halter dress. Dresses with straps in the neck are available in two versions: either equipped with a kind of collar or presented in connection with a V neckline. This type is often tied on the back of the dress.

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