Women’s Plus Size Tops

Modern tops in plus size

Find beautiful tops for plus size in the online shop with a female figure and curves. There are sleeveless tops, tops cut with spaghetti straps, tank top or straps in normal width. All tops in XXL convince by their thought-out cuts, emphasize the strengths of the character and hide the small problem zones skillfully.


Sports tops in XXL
Tops belong necessarily to the basic clothing in large sizes. The plus size sporty tops from the online store are tailored close to the body and offer a high degree of freedom of movement of women. Smooth cotton, jersey or cotton rib fabric feels comfortable and breathable. These tops in big sizes can be combined wonderfully with bermudas, shorts and lightweight skirts and are available in many bright colors and designs. The tops with piping in a contrasting color or with youthful strips make particularly good jeans. The online shop offers many tops in the special double pack.


Wear XXL tops for special occasions
Here you will find advantageous tops in large size. For example, a nice application or sparkling glitter stones put a nice cleavage perfectly in scene. Stylish plus size tops from the collection with shiny sequin jewelry are excellent for a visit to a party. The same is true for a charming long top from the collection that boasts a fine lace at the hem. Ladies can order beautiful plus size tops online, which have a special touch by animal prints.


Feminine tops in large sizes
There are various clothing in large sizes, which has a particularly female look. You will be attracted by the adorable plus size tops with charming floral print in romantic colors. Tops in XXL designed with girlish ruffles on the neckline enjoy equally large popularity. The same effect is achieved with a split seam under the breast and small wrinkles. These shells sit very casually and conceal excellent. Combined to a leggings or a narrow skirt, they make for a slim silhouette. Just as enchanting, tops in delicate pastel shades, look like lilac or light yellow. Ladies can wear them either solo or under an open blouse in a matching hue. Light cardigans can be combined excellently to the tops in XXL.

Men’s Clothing

Men’s clothing at bridgat

No matter what type you are man, sports enthusiasts, businessman or adventurer, bridgat.com has the right style of clothes for every man. Basically our assortment consists of shirts, jackets, sweaters and trousers but also men’s underwear and stockings belong. In the online shop of bridgat, you can browse in peace through the categories and stress-free delivery. In the blink of an eye, see so a completely new outfit or great items to combine with a classic pair of jeans or fashionable trends. We offer you a wide range of timeless basics and jeans in all variations.

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Maternity Clothes Buy Online

Discover maternity clothes in large sizes

Formerly pregnant women were treated as seriously ill. They were rarely seen in public and were not expected to social events. Today, this looks very different to happiness. Proudly present the expectant mothers their round bellies and shine in joyful anticipation to the baby. This top modern dress the pregnant women and are the other women fashion in nothing. The great figure can perfectly be used during pregnancy in scene. The comfort of oversized fashion in larger sizes is especially important. The clothing should go through supportive and functional elements reduce the additional burdens.

 Maternity Clothes Buy Online

Courage to paint maternity clothes

Visually narrow work that can paint black. During pregnancy women may show quietly confident belly. The great patterns and bright colors of the maternity clothes in large sizes let you shine and emphasize your femininity. Clever cuts and details such as cords, high stretch in the fabrics or stretchy knit frets give the needed freedom of movement they need especially during pregnancy. Elaborate wrapping effects and ruffles allow grow with the clothes for a few months of pregnancy. Online shopping protects your wallet and you enjoy more of your favorite pieces. Pants with high stretch or cute maternity fashions dresses are very popular among pregnant women. Browse in peace at home through our wide range of maternity clothes for larger sizes and sweeten the joyful latency on the baby with some great new clothes.

Ladies Plus Size Tunics

Tunics in large sizes – fashionable companion for everyday life, work and leisure

Tunics are a comfortable alternative to conventional forms of blouses. The tunic in larger sizes makes popular figure cut and with attractive details such as crochet inserts, bands of beads or small stones. There are tunics in a wide variety of styles and colors. In the summer, an airy tunic without sleeves is particularly comfortable to wear. In the winter, you can choose a tunic in larger sizes made of thick cotton and with long or ¾ sleeves for the colder days.


Little wizard – tunics in large sizes

The tunic is an amazing piece of clothing that can hide your problem zones. The close cut in the chest area highlights the feminine curves skillfully and hide the belly and hips area. Great patterns and bright colors make the tunic an eye-catcher. There are tunics in short version, as well as in long cut. The tunic with opaque leggings can be worn with the longer type. A very comfortable yet very chic look is created,.


The colorful diversity brings color into your life

Blouses are often narrow and uncomfortable. However, the tunic is usually designed with wide cut, which doesn’t bother you while sitting or slipping up constantly. The tunic in larger sizes fall close to the body down, and it is not on the skin. Often, the sleeves are cut for a great hippie look. Playful crochet lace on the sleeves and the neckline reinforce this look and make the tunic so special. Find tunics in large sizes quite simply in a color. If you like something striking, choose the tunics with colorful patterns. Simply order your favorite tunes with just a few clicks and bring a bit of variety in your closet.

Underwear Set Women’s

Practical laundry sets online

How to combine the upper and bottom well? Combine the bra with panties in the same or contrast color. Such combinations of matching lower and upper parts are called underwear sets.

You will find fashionable underwear sets at reasonable prices in all sizes. Despite attractive prices you must not waive in the quality. The online shops offer underwear sets with high-quality materials and excellent workmanship.

Brand Shoes

Innovations season after season for enthusiasm. Cute designs, fresh colours and fun prints make Favorites on the playground or the school yard kids brand shoes. Discover the wide range of footwear of brands in the bridgat online shop and invest in sturdy shoes that withstand everyday hustle and bustle-your Favorites – and look this great.

Kids brand shoes – cool designs to feel

brand shoes bring a wide range of styles, colors and patterns. Because just the little ones often have the highest demands on fashion and the matching accessories. Because not only the look of infancy brand is important to make a great entrance at school or playing, the models in the bridgat online shop characterized by reliable quality. Kids brand shoes meet the high demands that by carefully processed materials with durable stitching shoes able to withstand even heavy loads. Depending on the shoe model, the soles for children brand shoes by profiling are particularly slip – and stable. Top fabric and lining are comfortable and easy to care for, so even if coarser impurities the shoe can be cleaned quickly.

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Knee Length Socks Ladies

Cozy knee socks online

Knee-length socks are considered ultimate allrounder in the cold season. Long socks to the knee are not only a warm basic under pants, but convincing as a visible eye-catcher. A trendy accent on the skirt or dress as a fashion statement is reminiscent of the school uniform. This is achieved in particular in combination with shorts and mini-skirts. A combination of pantyhose and the underneath knee-length socks is a good choice in the transition between fall and winter. Now online browse the wonderfully comfortable and tasteful knee-length socks.

Stockings, socks and tights – order now

Socks from http://www.ebizdir.net/knee-highs-socks-tights-from-wholesaleably-com/ convince not only because of insanely soft materials, warm when it’s cold, but also with amazingly low prices. Be surprised by the large selection of knee-high socks for every taste, which share one thing in common – are fantastically comfortable. Classic knee stockings in muted colors for everyday wear. Enjoy the relaxed shopping experience from the online shop and make comfortable on the domestic couch. Order your knee highs comfortable from home with just a few clicks.

Buy XXL Jeans Online

Jeans in larger sizes ideal for modern looks

When Levi Strauss invented the jeans trousers around 1870, he could not foresee that the robust trousers should soon enter a triumphal around the world. Today, jeans are a constant companion, and they come in countless varieties. Plus size jeans still convince each new season with fresh designs. Ladies can look forward this on trend items with eye-catching washes, variants with cool riveting or charming glitter stones on the pockets. In addition, the timeless classic should not be missed: large sizes from dark denim and straight cut jeans are very diverse. The jeans fit for almost any occasion, and can be perfectly combined. Most of the plus size jeans are wonderfully comfortable. For all these reasons, it is not surprising that jeans have developed to the absolute basics for everyday life and leisure.


Jeans for plus size – for perfect fit

The jeans by John Baner know to convince by their simplicity. Many creations are delightfully loose cut and the figure is very pleasant. These jeans fit great in your leisure time, and with casual top and sporty shoes, you are always well dressed. Some jeans for plus size women boast an attractive, body-hugging cut. Here female curves are perfectly, without that you feel restricted: through the included spandex these jeans offer a high wearing comfort. Dark materials here ensure that the silhouette appears optically thin, and through a leg pattern out, this effect can be additionally increased.


Dark XXL jeans – well dressed in work and leisure

The jeans for larger sizes are not only an ideal companion for leisure, prove styles from dark denim. Simple pants in classic cut fit perfectly to more elegant looks and leave at the same time not too strict the wardrobe. If you want to put a serious style in the office or look for a suitable outfit for the evening, combine the jeans with a blouse or a loosely-covered tunic. Combining a dark pair of jeans looks pretty classy and proves your flair for fashion. Discover the wide range of jeans in the online shop right now and find your personal favorite.

C String Underwear

Hitting two birds with one stone – strings are practical and sexy

Tight pants and narrow skirts look great, but have a disadvantage. No matter what you wear under it, it is ugly. Women’s string brings remedy for you. This saves in exactly the right places with fabric, so that you can wear without hesitation even the tightest clothes. A string can make a woman feel good in her skin and exude sensuality. Create your special moment with a thong for women.


This underwear is quite close to the skin and makes the same much more confident women. The narrow shape is not only the high wearing comfort, but makes sexy ladies. Just as legs in trousers, dress and skirt are best. It leaves no traces and imprints. So, your curves are seductive brought to bear! String appears particularly attractive a ladies especially on men. Surveys repeatedly prefer to see their wives in the skimpy panties. What could be scarcer than a thong? With the many variations of our range, you will discover your new favorite model guaranteed.

C String Underwear

Strings provide a special feel-good factor

Ladies of strings in the colors blue, black, brown and white are suitable for your everyday look. The basic thongs are guaranteed in any wardrobe. Trendy colors and patterns provide many features. Strings are very popular especially from cotton for ladies. The string sets at low prices are especially handy. You will find ladies of thongs in the various versions.


Shapewear Swimwear Sale

Shapewear swimwear – small trick to great effect

Shapewear swimwear helps you to create a firmer and slimmer looking silhouette. With the appealing designs current shapewear swimwear from the online shop makes for a dazzling look. Different material densities, cleverly inserted seams and smart colors shape your body and flatter your curves. Make a good figure in shapewear swimwear at the beach or swimming and feel good. You will find elegant and sporty shapewear swimwear which shapes your body and supports and inspires it with varied designs.


Shapewear swimwear – sophisticated and comfortable

When the days get warmer and the swimming pools is open or summer vacation is around the corner, fashion-conscious women are looking for the matching swimwear. Shapewear swimwear offers not only attractive designs that you can choose according to your personal taste. The shaping swimsuits are true technological wonders. The knowledge of material properties and color effects used in shapewear so clever, that your body is gently modeled and shaped visually. The increased densities are placed on your figure, which emphasizes the advantages of your female curves. Draping in the upper portion, contrasting decorative seams or lovingly designed under breast bands or belts also help define your body and yet elegant and fashionable look.


Shapewear swimwear in appealing designs

The shapewear swimwear in the online shop offers a wide range of different variants in different styles. The shapewear swimwear places emphasis on a high quality of the materials. The attractive prices allow you to get fashion at a low price from http://www.ehistorylib.com/swimwear_how-to-find-the-perfect-swimwear-for-pregnant-women-137/. The shapewear swimwear offers many benefits for you. Get tasteful swimwear and swimsuits in uni colours or fresh pastel shades. Discover athletic swimsuits with reinforced shoulder straps or stylish variants with deep back cutout. Applications from gemstones or fabric stiffeners sewn-on are additional details. The shapewear swimwear makes your favorite pieces.


Shapewear swimwear now conveniently shop online

You will be delighted to find the great deals of the shapewear swimwear at an attractive price. With just a few clicks your new shapewear swimwear comes directly to your home.

Colorful Swimwear for Children

Into the cool water – colorful swimwear for children

A visit to the swimming pool is a popular recreational fun for small and big children. Splashing in the water, faxing make, dive and frolic down the water slide – children can’t get even enough of it. And the parents are happy to see their kids play so relaxed in the water. Your dear little ones for the trip to the bathroom paradise are equipped with matching swimwear for children. Find cute bathing suits for girls and cool shorts for the boys at bridgat. In our online shop you can order beautiful kids clothing in fun designs.

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Plus Size Panties Sale

Plus size panties – sporty clothes in large sizes for the modern woman

The panty is a particularly convenient alternative to the normal slip. The cut largely obscured the hip and prevents so slipping the panties. This makes an ideal companion in everyday and sporting activities. The plus size panty is extremely comfortable. The panty cut right around the hip and makes it seem nice. Panty is usually crafted with a high percentage of cotton and a small part of the spandex to make a comfortable and soft feeling on the skin.


For highest wearing comfort

XXL French panties and hipster are slightly longer cut on the leg and reminiscent of the men’s boxer shorts. This extremely comfortable fit looks very sporty and shrouded the entire butt. XXL French panties and XXL hipster with a small leg approach emphasize the hip and bring out your feminine curves perfectly. The XXL panties and XXL are hipster it often convenient Multipack. Chubby ladies, who wear like colorful linen, can choose between different packs with different color schemes. You can save money and enjoy equal several new XXL Panties. Look through the wide range of comfortable XXL underwear, XXL French hipster for chubby ladies and find your favorite pieces with just a few clicks.

Shapewear Tops

Shaping tops in large sizes form a beautiful cleavage

The new T-shirt is too tight to wear. There a solution for everything. Women with larger sizes can be quite tight fitting tops. If you still don’t feel comfortable, then try it with the shaping tops in large sizes. They conjure up a perfect silhouette and form a sexy cleavage.

A great selection on shaping tops in large sizes

There are plus size shaping tops in many variations, such as shape top with or without push effect as a corselet. If you want to keep it not simple, patterns, lace or fine applications enhance plus size shape wear for you.

Shapewear Tops

Jewelry Online Shopping

Discover today the pieces of jewelry online. In the online shop, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings are waiting for your order. Jewelry provides in addition to the clothing to a stylish appearance. Beautiful accessories complete the outfit and can enhance a simple outfit and give it a harmonious overall picture. Emphasize your style with appropriate jewelry. In the online-shop you will find trendy fashion jewelry but also stainless steel jewelry in an attractive value for money. Find gold jewelry and silver jewelry and jewelry in different colors. When the buying that fits the selected jewelry to your skin type and style of dress, long enjoy the accessories and also often wear the clothes. You can underline your style and your type with jewelry and accents. Easily draw attention on certain areas. Bring color into your wardrobe with colorful jewelry, or leave you something special be simple dresses by striking necklaces, bracelets or earrings.

Extravagant jewelry at surprising prices!

Click easily through the online shop and order the jewelry of your choice easily from home. Convince yourself of our offer and forward to jewelry of you enchanted. Your customer satisfaction is our heart, evaluate the jewelry pieces and you help other interested parties to find the right article. Don’t hesitate and order jewelry that suits you today. There are jewelry boxes and cabinets for the perfect storage of your treasures. Let yourself be fascinated by the jewelry online. Enjoy browsing and order!

Baby Accessory Sale

Baby accessories for versatility

Baby accessories complete any sweet outfit of a little arrival and are practical and functional. The online shops offer you a variety of cute baby accessories for many occasions. The top brands provide high-quality accessories for you, and can be combined to many pieces of clothing. While we should always be on best quality and offer you baby accessories in the kit at an unbeatable price.

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Bandeau Tops Online

Beautiful bandeau tops with a contemporary design

Bandeau tops are extravagant tops that let you look great for any occasion. This is especially convenient and comfortable bandeau top strapless cuts and elastic materials. Thanks to modern prints and cutting-edge colors, you can integrate a bandeau top to your heart’s content in your wardrobe and be amazed how many combination possibilities arise. With bandeau tops, prove body feeling and sense of style.

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