Sky Pro Cycling Tour de France Team 2012

Team Sky Procycling is a British cycling team who has been active since the 2010 season in professional cycling. After missing out on the overall win in the Tour of Spain in 2011, the team in 2012 once again strive to win a big round of priorities Bradley Wiggins and Christopher Froome in the ranks.

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Outdoor Jackets

Women’s outdoorjacken are perfectly prepared on each weather

outdoor jacket for men and women are reliable companion for activities such as hiking, climbing, cycling and canoeing. Specifically geared towards the high requirements in outdoor sports, they provide comfort and protection their wearers from wind and cold.

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Kids Fashion Accessories

Kids accessories – all-rounder for little fashionistas

What children’s fashion without colorful accessories? Children accessories bridgat each child complete clothing and are as diverse as your little darlings even. But not just visually go something our great accessories – hats or scarves to protect on cool days and offer cozy warmth with great design. High-quality materials and easy-care fabrics make the children accessories by bridgat to favorite pieces for every day. Discover the accessories in our assortment are as versatile and cheerful, and browse through our online store!

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Casual Cardigans for Women

The Cardigans are back!

The latest fashion, if

long time observed only in the winter as a warm jacket, completely reinvents the Cardigan. In addition to the classics from plain knitting delight now long cardigans, soft flowing designs of fine knitwear and feminine cuts with fashionable details and sweeten every single day. Modern and versatile present the current cardigans for women, and invite you to the game with the fashion. Lightweight fabrics and ingenious cuts make them an important piece of clothing with versatility. Long, not only the winter is the time for a Cardigan. At us in our online-shop you will discover cardigans for every occasion and every season. You order online your new favorite pieces from the cuddly jacket in warm ribbed knit up towards to the airy Lady Cardigan in feminine crochet optics for the summer.

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Swimwear for Men

Classic and contemporary swimwear for men

In the past few years the swimwear for men has evolved steadily. Here you will find many fashionable swimwear for men that offer both comfort and great designs. There are classic swimwear for men in the online shop of bridgat, for example, to discover how sporty shorts and casual bermudas. Thanks to the many different models, it is easy to find the right men’s swimwear at bridgat for men of all ages and stature.

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LG G5 Will Have a Dual Display and Dual Rear Camera

According to rumors, LG G5 will inherit several characteristics of the current top models LG V10 and LG G4 .

Specifically, the next “flagship” of LG Electronics will be equipped with a 5.3-inch display and will have a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels. This is a smaller screen than the one present on the G4, due to the fact that the top will be a secondary display with a resolution of 160×1040 pixels, recovering therefore the element that identifies the most LG V10. Continue reading LG G5 Will Have a Dual Display and Dual Rear Camera

How to Prepare for Winter Cycling

WINTER CYCLING When the temperature drops below + 5° many are storing cycle. It’s not necessary. If you provide autumn and winter a chance, you will experience new aspects of cycling that motivates you more than you think. Read hints and tips below on how to open it. It’s obviously not as comfortable to ride in the rain on a cold day. I do not think that either. But I like to be out when the landscape is filled with naked trees and the leaves lying on the rocks. That you also meet fewer people and can really “find herself” after a stressful day or week, making the whole bike experience perfect. As I write this is the winter around the corner, and I am delighted for the months to come. Not that I like to freeze on your toes, but there are so many pages of November, December and January, which seems forgotten or undiscovered by many cyclists. When the trees naked and shrubs wither, open paths, greater visibility and the speed can increase. Moreover, we have a transitional period before the cold sets in which the paths are soft and fine. It makes so clear demands on tires than we have been accustomed to the summer, but all need a set of studded tires. When night frosts, the landscape becomes hard. The former sumphål and swamps becomes hard and passable by bicycle. Rocks and roots are no longer so slippery so you get a much better flow in cycling. In fact, you almost can produce semislicksen again.

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Children XXL Fashion

Makes large sizes for girls – fashion, fun

Pretty XXL models of our colorful kids little girls are attracted to optimally. The clothing in plus sizes sits even with strong character and ensures a good fashion mood in everyday life. At bridgat, you get large sizes for girls in different designs. Our product range of leggings on dresses to jeans and jumpsuits. The peculiarity of our XXL – children’s clothing is the refined fit: are further cut on the waist and hips and also feature an adjustable waist trousers. The girl dresses have on the chest and waist about 4 cm more extent than the normal size.

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Children Clothing for Kids and Teens

Comfortable baby clothes for the first year of life

In the first months of life of a child comfort is the selection of baby clothing the criterion at the top. Parents want to be sure that your baby in the baby clothes do not freeze, not sweating, and can move enough. Cheap baby clothing as rompers, bodysuits, trousers, jackets or shirts are cut so far and are made of soft, skin-friendly materials.

Push buttons in the step or on the shoulders and overlapping shoulder seams help diaper changing and the sometimes very difficult arrival and undressing on the changing table. While the baby clothes for boys is kept rather simple and colors such as blue, green or brown tones in the foreground, it’s something playful in the girls: dresses, shirts, tunics and skirts are often decorated with small loops, cute frills or refined ruffles. Now discover our extensive range of comfortable and sweet baby fashion online in sizes 56 to 110.

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ZTE Unveils Blade S7, Two Cameras to 13 MP, 3 GB of RAM and 320 € for S615

ZTE has just announced its new midrange Blade S7, direct descendant of the Blade S6 last year. Compared to the previous generation the “heart” of the device is pretty much the same: SoC is still a Snapdragon 615, the main camera is always from 13 MP and the battery a bit fierce from 2500 mAh.

There are however some tangible improvements, like the RAM passing 3 GB, internal storage, front cam also doubled from 13 MP and the display resolution that passes the FHD. The size is slightly smaller than Blade S6; fundamental weight change, which fell from 132 to 131 grams. There’s also a fingerprint scanner. That’s still the main information, taking into account that you can already see the full specification: Continue reading ZTE Unveils Blade S7, Two Cameras to 13 MP, 3 GB of RAM and 320 € for S615

Tour of the Philippines Cycling

When you ride, you do not immediately think of the Philippines.Yet it was held in 2014 for the 53nd time the Tour of the Philippines. What we have to imagine it? Philippines was a Spanish colony for centuries. After the Spanish-American War of 1898, a US colony since 1946 and is an independent country.The country consists of more than 7,000 islands. Luzon is the largest island, almost three times as large as the Netherlands. The capital Manila is on this island. The other big island of Mindanao in the southern part of the country. There is hardly any bridges between the islands of Samar and Leyte are only connected by a bridge across the strait between the two islands. Organize a bike race also has its limitations in the practice round is usually limited to Luzon.

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Types of Shorts

With shorts through the summer

The name of shorts comes from the English of ‘short’ for ‘short’ and is in this case. So shorts shorts may hot ladies, they must end on the middle of the thigh. Are they longer, they are considered generally as Bermuda, shorter pants are Hot Pants. While bermudas and shorts look good on all women, the fans of Hot Pants are usually rather young and athletic.

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Modern Casual Shoes for Men

Casual shoes for men: fashionable eye-catcher at bridgat order

In the spare time many men like to fall to comfortable shoes. Sneaker and lace-up shoes for men come here prefers to use, and also slippers and boots have a firm place in the wardrobe of fashion-conscious men. Casual shoes for men there are in the online shop of bridgat in many different designs – you choose the trend shoes, that best match your personal taste.

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Sony IMX377CQT: All Possible Details of the Nexus Camera 6 p

In the last few hours we got to know all the technical details of the Nexus 6 p thanks to a document published on the net and found this article | Nexus 6 p: pictures, features and battery from 3450mAh | New details Camera |. Among the main innovations are the photographic sector which has been improved over the current Nexus 6 megapixel level though it changes nothing, on the contrary, the camera is from 12.3 MP rear coupled with a 8MP Front (1.55 μM, F 2.0/1.4 μM FF).

The technical data are however interesting and doing an internet search, we saw that the sensor used by Huawei and Google may be the Sony IMX377CQT which allows to make photos in 4:3 massimo 12.35 MP and 9.3 MP in 17:9. Continue reading Sony IMX377CQT: All Possible Details of the Nexus Camera 6 p

World Championship Cycling History

Waregem chasing a bit of time to get an extra cycle high today within its borders. It was going to be able to organize weilrennen World Cup 2002. International lobbying showed good store, but the political turnaround in Belgium in 1999 caused the soot in the food. The project of Kortrijk, which also hung on the anniversary of 700 years Guldensporenpark kind not found favor with the majority Purple who was brought to power… With the launch July 10, the longest stage of the Tour de France, a European Horse Parade and much more in 2007 must be a historic year for Waregem. In this respect, often resemblance to the year 1957, exactly half a century ago. Not without reason it is said that sometimes Waregem in 1957 was put on the world map. It was an exceptional year for sport with the Hippodrome ten International Cross Country Championships March 23, 1957 and the Grand Steeple-Chase of Flanders in August 27 1957. It became Stadium birth, was on Sunday, August 18, 1957 was the finish line is drawn for bike world championships for professional rider. Earlier, on 27 and April 28, 1957 still two days Cross was held by Belgium.

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Women’s Tank Tops

Tank tops are a must for the fashionable summer wardrobe today

The airy sleeveless shirts are popular especially in the warm season. Her name reminds of an early form of the bathing suit at the end of the 1960s, the so-called tank suit. Because the “swimming tank” made of wood or metal are the precursors of our modern swimming pools. The Tankini is an another relative of tank tops. This women’s swimwear is made up of a tank top and a bikini and is a smart alternative to the classic one-piece swimsuit. In addition to water sports, tank tops are used for men and women in other sports. So, bodybuilders use this tops, because this their muscles are particularly well. This special variant is called also muscle shirt. Due to the great freedom of movement the arm free tops are also in cycling at the tennis or athletics popular and appreciated,.

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