Stockings for Women

Look forward to stylish women’s stockings

Shows your feet – to wear fashionable women’s stockings from bridgat, that is no problem. But the best thing is, with warm stockings, you have no more cold feet. So now you can find a wide range of socks for ladies in different versions here: flat stockings that match any outfit, it offers also colorful patterned models, which guarantees your mood in the Garcia winter lift. You can also order here also stockings from reputable manufacturers such as adidas, Nike, Puma and HIS in the online-shop.

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Maternity Tops

Maternity tops by bridgat

A pregnant woman should let go everything with much calm, pampered and treat yourself to something in particular. Thanks to the extensive range of maternity wear, expectant mothers nine months unlimited fashion anticipation enjoy. Women can dress modern also in pregnancy and look great.


Tops the maternity clothes are not only comfortable and beautiful, but also functional.
The future Mommy’s make fashionable and chic pregnancy fashion online a very good figure. By leger and casual about everyday use until to elegant and glamorous women find their very own maternity favorite shell. The range of pregnancy fashion at bridgat includes shirts, blouses, tunics, boleros but also sweaters, coats and jackets. The selected range of exclusive maternity wear online rounds off the extensive repertoire of pregnancy fashion tops for festive occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or other celebrations.

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Different Types of Fashion Accessory

Why wear accessories? As they add a little touch of personality to any outfit so basic it may be. More and looking around it’s easy to find accessories that are original while matching you.

There are however some pitfalls to avoid: it must not be your accessories bling bling, tacky or they refer to signs of wealth.

We can already disqualify:

  • The bracelets, especially those with your name engraved (or worse, the name of a brand)
  • Signet too big with your initials affixed
  • The strength of bracelets (not you are a gladiator)
  • The huge gold pendants (prefer small pendants discrete)
  • The strings (especially if you wear a shirt with deep V-neck shirt and open squares).

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How to Make Purple Makeup?

It’s amazing how women love makeup, is to go to party, work, etc. ride are always lush, you have some that to sleep and wake up rouged and are never seen with a straight face. So much so that a movement arose a few days ago on the social networks make for the brave who had the courage to post a photo without makeup.

There makeup of various colors and styles and purple makeup is undoubtedly the trend of the time. Do not think that it is used only for emos and goths, no! Purple makeup looks good with all skin types and in various occasions. For those who have lighter skin can use a more pulled purple to lilac or darker, and black women is well more open tones.

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Chic Coats for Women

A chic coat gives a feeling of safety

Who gets admiring glances on the way to a date or a job interview, is the pending challenge is confident. In our shop you will find a wide range of beautiful coats for ladies. Sporty, practical or elegant – no matter what style you prefer, at bridgat you will discover certainly a coat which you like.

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Belt: an Important Fashion Accessory

Belt – an important fashion accessory

Belt have become an indispensable accessory for stylish fashion connoisseurs. For one, they optimize securely by sleek trousers and elegant skirts. Thanks to a robust belt sit these garments ideal and ensure a long-lasting well-being. On the other hand, belt develop their own fashionable qualities in countless colours and shapes which have the appropriate favorite pieces for every style and taste. A lovingly crafted belt is easily the special eye-catcher in the ensemble of your outfit carefully composed.

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How to Ride Mountain Bike

You have a bike, but now? A small riding trails, some asphalt and yet Woods. The actual technology is not there yet, but the willingness to do mountain biking. The mountain biking is so enticing, but leaves the asphalt is sometimes difficult.

Table of contents

  • Climbing the mountain
  • Descend by mountain bike
  • Drops and jumps
  • Single trail riding
  • Tire pressure and type of tires on the bike

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Good Running Shoes for Beginners

When you want to run, you must first invest in a good pair of shoes. On the poor, worn-out or defective running shoes really are a common cause of damage. The shock load on knees and joints is when walking up to three times their body weight. A good shoe will help to reduce this burden.What to look for when buying a pair of running shoes?

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Long Sleeve T-shirts V-neck

Long sleeve t-shirts – a true enrichment for the own wardrobe

Modern long sleeve shirts are missing in any well-stocked wardrobe. While the numerous advantages of the long sleeve shirts for women are literally obvious: they come in many different colors, they are suitable for every figure type and can be perfectly combined. For all these reasons, it is not surprising that women of all ages call their own usually as many different long sleeve shirts. See all the lovely styles, long sleeve shirts enjoy but with V neckline particularly popular.

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XXL Pants & Jeans for Girls

Girl pants in XXL: jeans and leggings in the online shop of bridgat

The selection of girl pants XXL is high in the online shop of bridgat. You have the choice between classic Denims with straight cut or fashionable design with flared leg. There are also tight-fitting pants, and also the top current leggings can assist with the girls pants for large sizes available. Also worth a look on the beautiful tops and jackets, because offers girls are extremely versatile pants in XXL.

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There Is a Suitable Backpack on Skates?

Great night out for regular rides on skates? Do you organize weekend trips on which play a major role skates? Then we sure you will agree that no such trip is not without a lot of things that are necessary for the journey. Where do you store your wallet, cell phone, keys, for longer stays clothing, blanket or mat? And where to put skates, when for them the terrain is not suitable or want to indulge your feet rest? The answer is to pack on skates. According to what such a bag to collect backpacks and what skating is one of the most favorite?

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Short Sleeve Dresses

Great short arm clothes for leisure and elegant occasions

A dress is still the epitome of femininity, and there is something for every taste and figure type here. Short arm clothes first and foremost enjoy ladies of ages of popular. This is due to the fact that the clothes can be very well combined with short sleeve and are absolutely wearable all year round. In the summer the deally clothes make a good solo, because they are particularly airy. For the colder days, ladies then simply combine them with a long sleeve shirt or a sweater – and already short arm clothes keep warm even more pleasant. A positive side effect: The dresses get a new look through the various possibilities and adapt to the most diverse occasions.

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Fashion Towels for Bathroom

Towels – color accents for your bathroom

Comply with towels in the bathrooms equal to two functions: soft and cuddly they provide cosy wipe dry after a bath or a shower, and at the same time bring colour into your bathroom. Most bathrooms are presented in simple white: white tiles, white ceramic, white towels – the classic bathroom looks often. Who wants to throw off this look, starts easily with the towels. To a minimum and very fine, colour change, you resort to towels in bright colours such as vanilla, pink, cream or lilac. These colors can be also easily in the bathroom take up again themselves, for example by an orchid in soft pink or a cream-coloured shower curtain.

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How to Choose a Handbag

Handbag is a woman indispensable part of everyday life. There are bags of different sizes, colors and shapes. Handbags can also be divided into normal, so-called. Business bag, worn to work on a Sunday stroll, and handbags specifically determined by their purpose, eg. Social handbags. Handbags in our offer has its specificity, given its high quality workmanship, content and size. They are handbags designed especially for women who every day have to carry large amounts of paper documents or notebook, or both.. For women who travel a lot both in workplaces and, and require more of their stuff to carry wherever you go. You no longer need to carry one small bag and a representative of the unsightly plastic bag or replacing handbags Men briefcase. Handbags in our offer will solve your everyday problems, “which to him” without having to reach for the plastic bag.

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John Baner Jeanswear

Modern jeans look from the John of Podra collection

Who does not know that: to search for from an everyday outfit, which not only casual looks, but can be easy to create. It is here that the brand John Baner is known! A new exciting look is easily achievable thanks to the perfect fit and the large selection of Jeanswear. Only at bridgat, you will receive a wide range of John banner collection that is suitable for every taste.

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Children’s Clothing for Girls

Beautiful children’s clothing for girls in sizes 80 to 134

Anyone looking for attractive children’s clothing for girls at advantageous prices,

is in the online shop of bridgat to the right place. Here we present outerwear for girls in the toddler and preschool age with cheerful design children and parents alike excited. M ode for girls should look pretty, do and be easy to maintain. The trends from the online shop of bridgat in exemplary ways satisfy all of these requirements.

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Lulu Guinness Bag Red Nose Day

Irreverent, original, funny and witty, this and much more are the famous bags of Lulu Guinness (but also jewelry and umbrellas that the designer has recently added to its offerings carnet). A lip-shaped, inspired by the animal world, or covered in Swarovski the creation of the English designers have hit the mark by attracting the attention of media and celebrities – to name but one, Madonna-and becoming a viable alternative for all those fashionistas who detest approval and the ostentation of the logos. Better to show their patriotism with a clutch which incorporates the British flag in a blaze of sparkling sequins that adapt to the massive choices. Continue reading Lulu Guinness Bag Red Nose Day