How to Treat Cramps in Pregnancy

When doing sports, one of the most common sensations are the cramps. The muscles are tired, and associated with the lack of some minerals may lead to muscle contraction.

However, the cramps do not occur only to those who do sports. They are also very common in pregnancy.

In this article you can learn more about what they are, what their causes and how to treat cramps pregnancy. Continue reading How to Treat Cramps in Pregnancy

Hard Belly in Pregnancy

Many pregnant women complain that the stomach is so hard that it looks like it’s going to explode. The hardening the belly are the contractions.

As a rule, the pregnant body starts preparing for childbirth from the 25 weeks, but can happen earlier, are the famous training contractions or Braxton Hicks.

These uterine contractions can occur multiple times during the day, with or without pain, this time must find a more comfortable position and breathe slowly, if these contractions arise in very small time intervals should consult your doctor. Continue reading Hard Belly in Pregnancy

The Guardian is a Vault Döttling to Valuable Watches

As someone who has expensive watches does to transport them on trips? Ever think of that? I’ve, and searching for images on Pinterest I ended up stumbling upon the Guardian, the portable vault of a German company called Döttling which specializes in solutions for secure storage of personal property, all priceless.

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HTC Opal, Do The Successor of The HTC Touch?

It seems that it is becoming a habit, filtering phone that ends up appearing on the market, in this case is HTC who have stolen information, and appear to be enough reliability data. This time it is not of any high-end model, nor nothing spectacular to have taken from the manga, I would rather say that the call HTC Opal is an update to the original Touch. Continue reading HTC Opal, Do The Successor of The HTC Touch?

Women’s Bag Essentials

Good question, huh? Even better is the answer Daniel Lazotti, author of the book that raises this issue. “The purse of a woman is so interesting that reveals to your personality. In the Pocket of a smart woman for pleasure instead of concerns, there is happiness in the place of the gray life full, there’s room to enjoy life, family and friends in the midst of so many commitments.

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Marilyn Monroe and Her Jewels

Diamonds are A girl’s best friends -this famous and much-quoted song performed Marilyn Monroe in 1953 in the film adaptation of the Broadway musical gentlemen prefer blondes. There, she played the role of Lorelei, whose Leidenschaft for diamonds so convincingly interpreted, that it in 1954 with the Photoplay award was awarded as best actress. The musical itself enjoyed immense popularity and was intending modified subsequently and copied – by none other than including Madonna, Nicole Kidman and Kylie Minogue. A distinctive feature is by Marilyn Monroe during the song listed by Pink dress with her sparkling diamond jewelry. At her appearance, she is surrounded by numerous men in suit and tie.

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Plastic Surgery After Pregnancy

Ask questions about postpartum plastic surgery

The pregnancy is without doubt one of the most striking moments in the life of a woman, but it is also a period when intense emotional and physical changes occur. The breasts can be fallen, the abdomen, back and hips may be accumulation of fat, sagging and can still arise the terrible stretch marks. Continue reading Plastic Surgery After Pregnancy

Step-by-step Pregnancy Week 31

Entered the final stage of your pregnancy, there are now 9 weeks and 63 days, the body begins to prepare for childbirth, can begin to feel the contractions training calls or braxton Hicks, these have a duration of about 30 to 60 seconds, are rhythmic and are irregular when the feel should seek to change position and rest. Another mod that can start to feel it in your chest is the output of a little liquid, called colostrum. Continue reading Step-by-step Pregnancy Week 31

Dealing With Hysterical Pregnancy

Posted by Citizen Dog on 17/Sep/2014-

By Alexander Rossi, a specialist in animal behavior.

The hysterical pregnancy, or pdeudociese, occurs in over 50% of the universe not castrated. In addition to the behavioral changes, it causes physical changes, such as the development of the mammary glands and milk production, surprising many owners. How this could have happened if the female or been with a male? Continue reading Dealing With Hysterical Pregnancy

Tips to Sleep Well During Pregnancy

Most of the pregnant women, at some point of your pregnancy has trouble sleeping. Hormonal changes, problems such as nausea, heartburn and later the belly size are some of the main causes for sleep changes in pregnancy.

Although no miracle recipes, the truth is that the change of some behaviors can help you sleep more soundly. Continue reading Tips to Sleep Well During Pregnancy

Luxury Watches: The Most Popular and Expensive Watches

Since the advent of the financial crisis, many investors looking are after the optimal form of investment that guarantees a maximum resistance of value of. In addition to gold, other precious metals and in particular stocks, the potential is underestimated so far still of high quality jewelry. High quality jewelry products are quite lasting as pure gold. The reason: Gold is tied to the dollar as a raw material primarily. Falls of the dollar, the price of gold falls equally! High-quality luxury watches from Switzerland or Germany are particularly suitable for an investment. The luxury watches are becoming more popular and are characterised by a maximum resistance of value of.

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HTC S740, The Diamond without Touch

After the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro, the Taiwanese manufacturer adds a new model to this range, but doesn’t come with Touch on your behalf, but it inherits many of the features. It’s him HTC S740.

That does not carry the Touch name is understandable, since it is not a touch device, but is controlled through the keyboard. Therefore, it comes with Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard, previously known as Smartphone Edition, many much better than the professional version. Continue reading HTC S740, The Diamond without Touch

As A Pregnant Woman Can Eat And Gain Weight During Pregnancy?

Ask questions about food and ideal weight in pregnancy

It is common during pregnancy, the woman has doubts about your food and the weight that should and can achieve due to pregnancy. There are so many myths about it that it’s hard to discern what is really applicable. So, we decided to get two of the main questions about nutrition and the ideal weight in pregnancy, check out:

As A Pregnant Woman Should Eat? Continue reading As A Pregnant Woman Can Eat And Gain Weight During Pregnancy?