How to Arrange Date and Time of Your Photos in Google Photos? Tea Teach…

Google Photos is one of the options available for storing photos in the cloud. It is with us since may, 2015 and it has become one of the most popular services of Mountain View. The secret of its success, in addition to the total integration into Android, is that offers unlimited storage of lifelong, but it also has faults and in Google just solve one of the most cumbersome: modify the date and time of multiple images at the same time.

Google Photos saves the images in chronological order, but sometimes the photos we got may have been taken with a camera independent who had well adjusted date. The result is a timeline of the most chaotic, with photos made a few weeks ago that are tagged as if we had done them ten years ago, but after the last update It is possible to organize them quickly.

Until now, if you wanted to modify various images appearing in a wrong date in our Google Photos, another that go one by one was not us. It is a quite common problem if you are using the service to upload photos made with independent Chambers, i.e., not only that you do with your mobile. Most compact cameras require that adjust the date and time manually, but it is a detail that we cannot be overlooked easily.

We can select a trip photos and move them to the correct period of only once, making the Organization of your photos much more quickly and easily.

After the latest update, Google Photos already allows you to adjust the date and time of batches of images. We can select a trip photos and move them to the correct period of only once, making the Organization of your photos much more quickly and easily. In addition, offers the possibility of choosing the same date and time for all or Choose the start of the interval to continue respecting the temporal difference between images.

For now, the change dates in Google Photos It is only available in the desktop version Google Photos, the mobile version does not give us this option.

It organizes the date and time of your photos on Google Photos

As we said before, Google does not give us this possibility in the app for smartphones and tablets, so it is necessary to access from your computer to change the date of the photos.

First go to the website of Google Photos e please login with your Google account to access your photo album.

Once you have entered your account, all the images you have stored on the service, organized in chronological order will appear. To navigate dates quickly, get just scroll down and you will be shown a small balloon showing the date of the images, thus it is easier locate those photos that appear on erroneous dates.

The next step is Select photos you want to move to a different date. When you have them all, click on the three dots vertically button that appears in the upper right corner of the screen.

Before the upgrade, all we could do was to download the images, but now opens a pop-up menu that appears to us the option “Edit the date and time”.

As we said, Google Photos offers us two options to modify images. With the first option we can modify them in such a way that it continues respecting the difference time between images, while the second will apply the same parameters to all photos.

If you select the first option, you can have that define the beginning of the range, i.e., the date and time at which the first photo was taken. Google Photos will recognize the difference between the rest of selected images and change them all, but will keep the difference of time between photos, just took them at the time.

In my case, pictures from a trip I took in June 2015 were archived in 2011 by have not properly configured the date on the camera, so this option is which best fits the problem.

If instead you prefer to add the same information to a group of images, you will only have to choose the day and time you want and click Save. Google Photos will modify your dates and your timeline will be more organized.

My Little Pony-Every Girls’ Dream Games

The official My Little Pony games has come to iPhone, iPad and Android devices – and can be downloaded for free.

Most girls have probably a My Little Pony or have had during their childhood. It is memories – so they can now be recreated on iPhone or iPad and before long, the game is also ready for Android devices.

In the official “My Little Pony Friendship is magic –” game you need to build your own Pony would play various fun mini-games and help all ponies achieve their dreams by solving exciting tasks.

You can interact with your friends and experience the magic of friendship.

The game “My Little Pony-Friendship is magic” can be downloaded for free for the iPad and iPhone in Apple’s App Store and Android devices in Google Play Big. The game features in-app purchases, therefore you should be careful if you leave the game to the other without supervision.

How to Care for Your Skin at the 30, 40,50

It is not true and it is only a myth that, we can stop aging. Your skin has changes with the age that you can never stop. Even so your can and is in your hands to make those effects be noticed less, considering some tips How to care for your skin to the 30, 40, 50 to keep you healthy skin. Continue reading How to Care for Your Skin at the 30, 40,50

MSQRD Ago Face Swaps on Android: Goodbye to The Productivity of Eastern Monday

MSQRD is a hilarious application to use masks in real time on your face. It was first launched in iOS, landing a couple of weeks ago also on Android. In MSQRD can become momentarily in an orangutan, a dog, a clown and others, with a mask that fits perfectly to your face and it is flexible so you can talk or gesturing.

The application has caught by surprise to the community of users, not because the idea is really new, but because it is very easy to use and with good results. So much so that on Facebook they have not hesitated to take credit card and acquire the company. Continue reading MSQRD Ago Face Swaps on Android: Goodbye to The Productivity of Eastern Monday

YouBio Unveils the Price and a Bit of the Content

Yousee coming soon with YouBio and has now unveiled the price and a bit of content.

Streaming services took on the Danish market is under full preparation, already now, among other things, Netflix and ViaPlay in combat, and soon is also HBO Nordic and YouBio ready to fight over customers.

At YouBio, owned and managed by YouSee, comes, however, to be little other buns on the soup than what the previous streaming companies have, could deliver. Continue reading YouBio Unveils the Price and a Bit of the Content

Sony KD-65X9005A in the test

Although he is a few months on the market, Sony’s KD-65X9005A ultra-HD TV has a few surprises ready. And there is even a unique position, as shown in the test at the 4K-Bildqualität.

A few months ago, we have undergone an intensive test the Ultra-HD TV Sony KD-65X9005A . At that time, the unit was the first proper 4K-Fernseher for only 7,000 euros and had a few small bugs. But, first, he took the standard for ultra HD (ITU-R. 2020) seriously and wanted to deliver allowed not only more sharpness, but also significantly richer colors than with HDTV or SDTV. Continue reading Sony KD-65X9005A in the test

Guide to Buying Men’s Hoodie

Why ten hoodies? Because I just spent the evening to list a lot and that we must make a selection at a time. (edit: in the end there’s nothing 10 too bad but, I put this title to kind I’m organized – Editor’s NOTE: now if )

You will see that a hoodie is not necessarily a simple hooded sweatshirt used as pajamas.

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YouTube Accelerator, to Load Videos Faster Connected to WiFi Hotspots

This arrow in green and white, formed from a square is the logo Accelerator, the new service to watch videos with load much more quickly Since the Android’s YouTube app or a web browser. The only condition is to be connected to a hotspot or WiFi point within the program selected and choose the appropriate content.

In reality the only thing YouTube Accelerator offers are a series of videos, 100,000 in the first stroke, which are cached in the access points so users can pull them directly and do not have to load them completely from the original servers. Why buffering is over where the connection is not good. Continue reading YouTube Accelerator, to Load Videos Faster Connected to WiFi Hotspots

Apple-Ceo Gets with riven by Former Sales Manager

Former Apple Sales Manager comes with criticism of the ceo, which is described as being better to talk than to lead a company.

Many know that Apple’s former top executive, the late Steve Jobs, was not easy to work for, and will be in Walter Isaacson’s biography described as a bit of a sociopath, with a dyssocial personality.

But Apple’s current Chief Executive, Tim Cook, should not be better, according to a former sales manager at Apple. It writes our site.
The former sales manager at Apple, David Sobotta, describes Tim Cook as a person who does not have any kind of loyalty in relation to the closest associates and is a better number cruncher than a leader. Continue reading Apple-Ceo Gets with riven by Former Sales Manager

Eyeliner Mistakes to Avoid

Apply eyeliner you seem an impossible task? We have collected the most common mistakes and tips from make-up artist celeb like Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian to make a perfect line. Now the eye make-up will have no secrets for you
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WEEK Maternity (V): Adaptations/Tuenos Clothing

Today, the day is dedicated to the tune or adaptations of clothes that we have in the cupboard to take advantage of them during pregnancy.
Today the collaborations are in charge of…

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Finally: YouTube Will Continue Loading The Videos If The Breaks, Even in Background

The old place will remember the good times when YouTube was still loading videos full Once you pausaras them. When your Internet connection was a disaster, it was normal to charge a video background to view it later without interruptions.

Later the horde of Google engineers decided that an algorithm could be more useful, loading only what is necessary, When necessary, the necessary quality. The idea is not bad, and no doubt has been them large bandwidth savings, but is far from being perfect. Sometimes the connection is so unstable that neither the best algorithm can predict how much buffer must be loaded. Continue reading Finally: YouTube Will Continue Loading The Videos If The Breaks, Even in Background

Completely New Evernote 5 Ready for iOS

The world famous memo application Evernote is ready in version 5 with a focus on a completely new design.

Smartphone users have several applications to help one through everyday, and one of these may be an app that can take notes, which Evernote has been good at for a long time.

Therefore, the company is also in full development, and recent developments can now result in a strong update of Evernote to version 5.

With the new Evernote 5 for iOS devices, the company has created a completely new design and layout for the application, which should give you a better overview of its features, as well as faster navigation within the application.

There are of course also come a number of new features and functionality to the application, and much more you can see them by downloading the app here via the App Store, for free.