In-App Purchase and Payment Applications Will Have to Show a Physical Address in Google Play

Google Play you have made changes to their conditions to publish apps in its store that is not liking to many developers, and is 30 September 2014 should add a physical address.

Developers with payment applications or integrated purchases are required to add your physical address, which will be posted on the tab of the application so that users know where to get in touch when they have a problem and see that the developer does not respond to emails. Continue reading In-App Purchase and Payment Applications Will Have to Show a Physical Address in Google Play

The Circuits for Domestic and Commercial Lighting

Many are the ways by which we can use three types of lamps, whether for simple lighting, whether for decorative or special effects.

In the use of various data systems, we should always bear in mind not only the purpose as well as the power and security, which is given by the placement of the wires and the respect to the capacity of the installation.

We start with simpler lighting circuit that uses only one bulb and a switch, which is shown in Figure 1.

In this circuit the switch only controls the lamp, it must be embedded in accessible place on the wall. Continue reading The Circuits for Domestic and Commercial Lighting

Super Tips

Don’t know how to set up your first specimen? Read these 12 tips…

Decided! Will hold your dream and become a reseller (a) semi jewels, but you don’t know how to set up your first specimen? After talking with a lot of (the) resellers (the) newbies (as) with the same question, I thought I’d write this article and tell you of time as mount a bombastic showcase! Continue reading Super Tips

Beach Decoration

At hot temperatures, the only way to get to the next swimming lake is to relax the day.The outfit is exchanged for airy clothes.The jewelry we wear, however, usually remains the same.We do not waste a thought that our jewelry can suffer in the summer.Not only high temperatures are increasing, but salt water, sand and strong sunshine are also left behind.So today I’ve put together a few tips for you how your jewelery care could look in the summer. Continue reading Beach Decoration

Dresscode for the Wedding

Nowadays weddings are much more individualized than before, as the wishes of the couple have changed greatly. Which dress code is appropriate for the particular wedding depends on the style of the wedding event. In some cases, the bride and groom give a special motto or a certain dress code which the wedding guests should adhere to. Continue reading Dresscode for the Wedding


The look: Oxford are simple Lace leather with a closed lacing and with a straight-cut cap.  If the Oxfords have a winged front cap and a hole adornment on the toe, they are called Full Brogue. The narrow shoe comes from the elegant world of the men’s fashion and has also prevailed in the ladies’ world in recent years. The vintage hype and the preppy look were particularly impressive. Oxfords have their name from their home town. In the mid-nineteenth century, the students of the Oxford College made the lace-up shoes popular. Oxords are available in the typical brown and black, but also in many pastel shades such as rosé, cream or light blue. Two-color oxfords look particularly beautiful.  Continue reading Oxfords

New York Pb

Passing here to show the first look of my week in New York. Yes, we got here super late on Friday and on Sunday has had a lot of wanderings.

Those who want to keep track of all close, can go trying to follow the @mourajo on Instagram and jojouasz in Snapchat. Is live coverage, with all the places where the people are wandering around. Continue reading New York Pb

Tips to Reduce the Pain by the Piercing of Ears

How much it hurts a perforation depends to a certain extent of where it is located. Common drillings in the ear lobe usually do not hurt much, because the area is fleshy. However, the holes in the top of the ear or on the inner part of the cartilage of the can hurt more. If the pain persists for more than one couple of days, you could get an infection. Inspect the area using a mirror and look for signs of pus. Redness is common but should improve, not get worse, with the passing of the days. Continue reading Tips to Reduce the Pain by the Piercing of Ears

Where to Find Mermaid Accessories?

Hi girls! I’m loving this fashion “mermaid” (of course the Yasmin Brunet continues inspiring me in T-U-D-O!) and decided to bring to you sites that sell accessories designed for this style. I don’t know too many, but I’m going to show are worth a lot! Let’s check it out?!? Continue reading Where to Find Mermaid Accessories?