OS X Yosemite: Handoff Bridges Gap Between iPhone and Mac

OS X Yosemite Connects iPhone to Mac

The new operating system for the Mac, OS makes it even easier working X Yosemite, with the integrated feature handoff, as handoff connects Mac and iPhone via the network and the devices synchronized with each other. So, you can start writing an E-Mail on the iPhone X Yosemite and handoff with OS for example and then at home on the Mac finish.

Apple according to handoff makes one thing above all when the OS X Yosemite: it strengthens the continuity between the iPad, iPhone, and Mac. It does not need this much: order handoff is activated the iPhone or the iPad and the Mac must reside in the same network. Handoff is activated as soon as you approach him with an activated iPhone or iPad. The advantage of the handoff from OS X Yosemite: you can continue what you started on your iPad or iPhone, on the Mac, if you want to – switch the device for example, if you go at home finished wants to write the E-Mail started with the iPhone on the way home on the Mac. With handoff, you can do even more, because the function of OS X Yosemite works too with documents and with SMS – Apple calls this the “continuity”-function.

Synchronize Apple Devices Even Easier with Handoff

With handoff in the new OS can you finished email X Yosemite not only on the Mac, you can present all its MMS and SMS to all its Apple devices. Handoff synchronizes all devices in the network using iOS 8 or OS X Yosemite in the following applications: mail, Safari, keynote, numbers, messages, maps, pages, calendar, contacts, and memories. You can phone with handoff on his Mac, and using the computer as a speakerphone. Applies also here: the whole thing works, as soon as the iPhone is on the same network as the Mac.

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