Omate X Companion Smartwatch

Omate X is a new smart watch with premium finish that focuses on showing our notifications

Rarely have the opportunity to show you a new smartwatch that apart from the current market trend and bet on a more conventional and elegant design. This has been one of the secrets of success of the expected Moto 360, so it is not surprising that more companies try to recreate a design that seems to attract a much wider audience.

The Omate X is a new smartwatch for those who are willing to do more with your watch without losing the essence. Moreover, it is not far from the first model the company rolls out the marking cool watches, as the Omate TrueSmart, a project born thanks to the anonymous Kickstarter funding, already more than a year on the market.

On that occasion, the smartwatch showed a rather bulky design not too convinced users, so this new Omate X has chosen the path of simplification, both in design and functions. Thus, we found a great premium finished with a polished metal covering the entire surface of the device and interchangeable leather strap.

As for its functions, we must forget sensors, and other specialized applications, the X Omate focuses almost entirely on showing our notices and functionalities beyond this are fairly limited, although we imagine that will have some minor apps.Inside features Nucleus, a proprietary operating system with minimalist aesthetics.The major drawback of this is that you have to see the support we receive from developers, as currently almost all are focusing on Android Wear.

The Omate X has a 400 mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.0 and will be available starting at $ 129

In terms of specifications, we find a TFT touch screen of 1.54 inches and 240 x 240 pixels resolution. The battery is 400 mAh, with which the company promises that the device will offer us to a full week duration. In his guts are one MT2502A Mediatek processor along with 128 MB of RAM. Finally, it has Bluetooth 4.0 technology to synchronize with our smartphones and receive all notifications.

The Omate X will be officially presented on September 1, although we know the price at which it hit the market: $ 129. However, for those who are interested in getting one, entering the code “LUTETIA” when buying on its website, we will go for just $ 99.