Nutrition for Runners: An Indispensable Guide

For the effort involved, the running requires its practitioners to maintain high energy levels. Discover here our nutrition guide for runners.

Nutrition for Runners An Indispensable Guide

The nutrition for runners is one of the essential facets for those who practice this demanding and rewarding physical exercise. No wonder, therefore, that, in parallel with the type of equipment that is suitable, this is one of the most researched, not only by amateurs but even by the runners experienced. 

Knowing that it is not always easy to identify the best equipment and products directly related to nutrition for runners, we decided to do a search and, based on an article by the international website “The sweet home”, to introduce you to some of the suggestions proven to be effective. We hope that you enjoy.



When it runs, it is essential that you maintain high levels of hydration.

Now, a bottle of water appropriate can help you avoid dehydration and be able to prolong their race – the bottle ideal you can hold about half a liter of water, which ensures a run of about two hours, if the temperature is mild.

Better, only if I could still carry the keys and the phone in one piece…

  • Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated Flask – System for carrying in your hand: ideal for those who want to avoid a piece that moves during the race; your bottle, in addition to being able to contain half a liter of water, is still the most easy to grab and drink while on the run; in addition, this piece allows you to store keys and a iPhone6;
  • Nathan Peak Waist Pack – System to take in the waist: perfect for those who do not like carrying things in their hands while running; this purse has a system of balanced weight distribution, which prevents that if you move too much during the race; in addition, even lets you save the keys, an iPhone6, and some extra that is needed (ex.: a gel of energy).


There are runners

who like to carry not only a bottle of water, but also an energy drink, of the type Gatorate. In this case, the ideal is a specific system that enables the transport of both elements in the proper way.

  • Nathan Trail Mix – offers two bottles about 1/4 liter, one for hydration (water), the other for nutrition (drink protein, for example); both are fairly easy to grab and use during the race. This system facilitates the access to a gel of energy, for example, and allows you to store keys, still that do not have the space for a phone bigger than an iPhone5…



When we talk about nutrition for runners, we have to talk necessarily about the energy gel, which many runners use regularly.

At this point you may want to just emphasize the following: if you are running for less than an hour, just consume water; however, if you want to keep exercising for longer, it is recommended that you eat an extra amount of carbohydrates, electrolytes and even water.

This additional energy can be obtained in two ways: energy drinks or water combined with the most varied type of barritas or nutritional gel. After consulting with nutritionists, runners , and other specialists, our recommendation goes the same for the gel, which proved to be the most practical, consistent, and convenient in relation to the practice of frequent exercise in question.

When consumed with water, the gel facilitates the absorption of a combination of electrolytes (ex.: sodium and potassium) and carbohydrates (in the form of sugars, such as fructose, glucose, etc.), the that ensures a real boostenergy.

  • Gel energetic GU Original – ensures nutritional value adequate; it is available in 17 flavors; the price level is quite affordable to all pockets.



Regardless of the add-ins that you can use, a balanced diet and adequate exercise is always essential. Thus, we also made some suggestions regarding the type of meals that you can and should do before and after playing sport.

  • What to eat before training
  • What to eat after workout

End here our brief, but essential, selection of products related to nutrition for runners. We hope that you have been tempted to try out some of them, once we are confident that you will be quite satisfied with the results. It remains for us now to wish you very good races!