New Battery for HTC Diamond

A extended battery as HTC presents can be of interest to users or prospective buyers of the Touch Diamond, Although this is not a mobile phone that has its autonomy as a negative aspect (in fact defends himself quite well in this aspect), but can come in very well for those who need it.

By little more than 50 euros to get this extended battery for the HTC Diamond, which also comes with cover which replaces which had originally, since when dealing with more volume the new battery has been necessary to also change the cover.

Comment that this new cover still has the controversial design of layers, that incidentally, it seems to me to be quite adequate, brings a touch of design and personality, and I can’t understand why some users would prefer to go flat.

The name of the battery is BP e270, and is an original product of HTC, having a capacity of 1350 mAh. With this new battery and cover, we surely have a greater thickness and weight on the device, but I consider that it compensates for the added time of activity that gives us.

If you are looking for an alternative to third-party companies, we have a model of the Chinese manufacturer Cameron Sino, at a price of 33 euros and 1800 mAh, in addition to also come with the back cover, which incidentally is flat.

Remember that the original 900 mAh battery, has autonomy in talk time of up to 270 minutes in 3G (330 minutes on GSM) networks, and a timeout of up to 396 hours in 3G network (285 hours GSM), making an estimate, we have no official new battery figures, we could have 400 minutes of talk time on networks 3 G and 600 hours standby time.

Is available for preserving, and without having been tested, there are already some negative opinions of the battery, some argue that $ 50 is expensive for the attachment, and others would have preferred that the new CAP had a simpler design, without faces.