Music Therapy for Pregnancy Babies

Music therapy is a therapy is made by mixing of sounds, rhythms, harmonies, melodies and bodily movements, studies show that music therapy brings many benefits to our health, since it helps combat stress and anxiety and relax the body. Studies show that music therapy is especially beneficial for the pregnant, because it allows to establish greater communication with your baby.

Music therapy is recommended in pregnancy from the 20th week, when the baby hears and distinguishes the sounds coming from abroad, having a relaxing effect on the baby, stimulating creativity, concentration and coordination.

Benefits of music therapy

Combat problems like stress and anxiety;

Improves the mood;

Enriches the physical, emotional and intellectual development of the child;

Strengthens the relationship of mother and baby.

Music therapy during pregnancy

Music therapy during pregnancy brings benefits to the baby and to the mother with pregnant underwear. The auditory stimulation promotes a greater relaxation of the woman during labour, reducing your anxiety level, giving even greater self-control on pain and consciousness about the physical sensations. The mother’s anxiety control during labour makes the baby surrounded by an atmosphere of great serenity.

Music therapy can be done individually, in groups or in pairs, we recommend an appointment approximately 1 hour weekly. Music therapy should be initiated in the fourth month of pregnancy when the baby already has your hearing aid developed and is already capable of capturing the sounds from outside.

Music therapy can be done at home, in a quiet and comfortable, the mother-to-be should choose a serene and melodious music and enjoy it with your baby.

The songs of Mozart, especially, are the most recommended.