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Carefree through the summer in men’s Sandals

In hot weather, many prefer men’s sandals, because these shoes air to the feet. In the online shop of bridgat, you can order sandals at advantageous prices. You have the choice between many different models of the classic sandal to modern Tythes Renner.

Classic Sandals for men’s

in our online store we have tasty men’s Sandals with wide strap made of genuine leather and high quality fabric. Usually, this sandal models have two cross-belt, which are above the ankle or foot. With a further strap that covers the heel and is equipped with a buckle, the width of the Sandals can be individually adjusted. They provide enough support and very airy. A well padded foot bed made from breathable material provides excellent comfort. In muted colors, such as black, Brown, or gray, they prove particularly combination. Our beautiful sandal classic fit with a pair of jeans as well as shorts or bermudas.


perfect for outdoor activities: men’s Sandals

our customers order like sporting men’s sandals, for various activities in the great outdoors perfectly suitable. Outdoor men’s Sandals convince with a great durability. Feet on uneven and stony ground reliably protect from injury. In them it will run long hikes and walks, eliminating tiring feet. The belt padded on the inside and the shock-absorbing outsole ensure comfort. Outdoor Sandals for men can join easily with Velcro straps and open. In addition, this closure enables an exact adjustment of the sandal on the foot. Also trekking sandals with caps, which provide additional protection, enjoy great popularity. The sturdy trekking men’s Sandals hold dirt, moisture and wetness from the online shop of bridgat and can quickly get rid of pollution.


fashionable Sandals for men

with attractive men’s Sandals show your good taste. Men’s stylish toe bridge mules and tithe Renner which are casual and modern find in our online shop. These men’s Sandals have as attachment only a small footbridge between the big toe and other toes, so they offer great freedom of movement. Her foot bed fits perfectly the anatomy so that they are extremely comfortable to wear. They are available in many fashionable colors. Also on the heel open held men’s Sandals in slide form are popular as light shoes for the warm season. Casual look and make the holidays as well as in the city.