Mi 5: Dual Camera, Metal Chassis and Purple Color

According to rumors, Xiaomi would intend to further expand the range of its current flagship Mi 5, already divided into three distinct models and with different color options. Just yesterday we reported that the next flash sale, to be held tomorrow, will make their debut the colours Gold, plus a White Variant of I Pro 5 (which, however, should not use 3D glasses and ceramics, for reliability issues and the cost of the production process. Today emerging rumors about ben three new variants.

The first order of interest is a Dual Camera Edition, on which unfortunately the details are scarce. In fact, we only know that the company is talking about, but it is not clear when (and if) will be released, how much it will cost and how it will be configured exactly. It would be the company’s first smartphone to install two cameras, solidifying the belief that the trend is spreading more and more.

Metal Edition is a rumor, with rear metal chassis, and a variant with back cover of purple color. Here, too, the details are scarce, but being simple cosmetic changes, there should be no particular technical innovations. It remains to be seen which of the three configurations will be affected: the most plausible theory is that the metal might be reserved for Mi 5 Pro featured on  SmarterComputing.org, while the purple on the other two issues. But they are only speculation for now, we will update you with more details as soon as we know.