Mens Shirts and Ties Combinations

Classic ties for a stylish outfit

In our online shop, we present a diverse selection of beautiful ties for men with a taste. They are indispensable basics for the clean business look in the men’s all-around feel comfortable and confident occur. With us, you buy ties online, that perfectly fit your type and perfectly complement your suit or your combination. We carry solid color ties in different designs as well as beautifully patterned trend pieces. They are made of hard-wearing synthetic fibers, that allow a simple tie of the tie. In addition, this material is stain-resistant and can be cleaned well, so that the beautiful look is long maintained.

Ties in stylish solid colors
Solid color ties prove to be particularly combination. Customize to shirts in white, light blue or other beautiful solid colors as well as to checkered or striped men’s shirts. In our ties we offer shop variations in timelessly elegant colours, such as red, grey or dark blue. Her finely structured material with a beautiful Sheen lends a special touch these ties. They are excellent for the Office, but also for special occasions.


Ties with attractive patterns
In addition to flat models, we present fancy ties with stylish patterns that add variety to the wardrobe. Men often opt for a tie with sporty stripes from the collection of 8bpc selection. Striped ties are always up to date and provide a dynamic impression. This is especially true of our beautiful styles in bright colors with white stripes. With a solid color shirt, a striped tie is particularly well. Also a tie with big checks from the online shop of bridgat radiate energy. She acts very youthful and fresh, so that it fits perfectly to a leisure shirt which is worn with jeans and jacket. Combined with a suit a plaid tie allows a perfect appearance at the Office.


Ties in the set
In our collections from 8bpc selection we carry tie sets that contain a matching handkerchief next to a tasteful tie. Men’s wear this set on special occasions, such as E.g. an anniversary. The handkerchief is folded and then placed in the breast pocket of the jacket, so it peeks out with about two to three centimeters. Bridgat buy men’s patterned ties and Einstecktüchlein can be combined with their classic colors and detailed patterns or stripe suited to formal suits. Also, shirts with matching tie are available at bridgat in the preiswerteen set.