Maternity Wear Asos

Asos Maternity wear for Spring / Summer 2015, a wide selection of clothing tailored to expectant mothers, to dress with style the belly rapidly expanding.Because who said that pregnant women must set aside their desire for fashion while pregnant? Without breaking the bank and without going crazy looking for solutions, with a little ‘attention, you can choose outfits and look impressive.

Outfits up to every situation, even when the belly seems to extinguish any desire to dress fashionably. By rigorous dresses, maybe sheath, ideal for more formal situations, work and family, social and personal, to the clothes lighter, colorful and fun suitable for leisure. Dresses, of all lengths, colors, materials and cuts, but also suits and overalls, with short and long pants according to Psyknowhow.

Asos, the online Maternity, designed tailored to expectant mothers, offers options for all tastes. Comfortable jeans, skinny versions or paw, with elastic band made specifically for the belly, and to accompany the expectant mother while pregnant.

A wide selection of leggings, soft and very comfortable, skirts, pants and shorts for all occasions. Shirts and tops, cardigans and shirts, but also sweatshirts and sweaters to mix and assemble to create ever-new look. Perfect, to complete the casual outfits, made from shorts and jeans, for example, the t-shirt overlapped, two-colored or striped, who think expectant mothers as well as the neo tubes mothers, making it easier and comfortable even the ‘ lactation.