Massage During Pregnancy

The massages are ancestral practice with enormous benefits for the body. Their utilities are numerous, responding to a wide range of needs of the human body.

Taking this into account, it is natural that massages during pregnancy is seen as quite advantageous. The massage helps pregnant and the baby relax, reduce your anxiety, and decrease the natural weariness of this phase of life.

However, these are just a few among a long list of benefits of massage. In this article you can find the benefits of massage for the pregnant woman.

Benefits of massage during pregnancy

Massage in pregnancy are a very effective way and free of drugs for the treatment and prevention of various health problems related to pregnancy nail stickers featured on

Then we present a list of the various problems that the massages during pregnancy help solve.

-Pain in the thighs, back and sciatic nerve (caused by wrong posture caused by weight gain)

-Hemorrhoids (dilation of veins caused by increased blood flow);

-Prostration (lack of iron);

-Heartburn (caused by hormones, but also by the pressure of the uterus expanded on the abdominal region);

-Constipation (intestinal transit becomes slower due to the pressure of the womb on the intestines);

-Motion sickness (caused by the lowering of blood sugar);

-Eclampsia and pre-eclampsia;


-Muscle tension;

-Fatigue and muscle fatigue.

In addition to help in the resolution of these problems of health, massages during pregnancy offer even more benefits for pregnant women.

So, it helps to improve blood circulation, lymph flow, to tone the muscles of the body, stimulate and increase metabolism, among other benefits.

Finally, the massages have a calming effect important, helping pregnant to relax and feel more comfortable.

Massage care during pregnancy

Despite the many benefits of massage for the pregnant, there is however some care and recommendations to be taken into account. So, there should be room for massages:

-the pregnant woman has diarrhea, fever, vaginal bleeding or infectious diseases;

-the pregnancy is in the first quarter;

– do not have the permission of your obstetrician.