Marilyn Monroe and Her Jewels

Diamonds are A girl’s best friends -this famous and much-quoted song performed Marilyn Monroe in 1953 in the film adaptation of the Broadway musical gentlemen prefer blondes. There, she played the role of Lorelei, whose Leidenschaft for diamonds so convincingly interpreted, that it in 1954 with the Photoplay award was awarded as best actress. The musical itself enjoyed immense popularity and was intending modified subsequently and copied – by none other than including Madonna, Nicole Kidman and Kylie Minogue. A distinctive feature is by Marilyn Monroe during the song listed by Pink dress with her sparkling diamond jewelry. At her appearance, she is surrounded by numerous men in suit and tie.

In many of her films, Marilyn Monroe was adorned by exclusive jewels and so the surmise that the actress and singer also privately owned an extensive collection of jewelry. It was however mainly to loans and in fact only two truly precious pieces of jewellery she could call their own. Both got it from her husband, the baseball player Joe DiMaggio, the her wedding a wedding ring and on the occasion of the joint honeymoon in Japan gave a string of pearls.
However Marilyn Monroe had the possibility, fascinating gems with an impressive history carry, so the Indian Moon de Baroda diamonds, with which on the occasion of an advertising campaign for the film just gentlemen prefer blondes was photographed.

Marilyn Monroe’s wedding ring – an all around with diamond occupied eternity ring

To their wedding on January 14, 1954 with the star of the successful baseball team New York Marilyn Monroe was given a very glamorous wedding ring Yankees, Joe DiMaggio. All around he is adorned by 35 immediately adjacent the baguette cut diamonds. The baguette-cut – cut rectangular stair-shaped faceted – used especially for colorless gems by excellent purity, because their transparency is particularly highlighted by the large smooth surfaces. Timeless elegance is awarded to the piece of jewelry through the Channel Setting high quality Platinum.
The marriage should not long keep – after less than a year, the two, who two years previously had met Hollywood Boulevard at an Italian restaurant on sunset, were again separated. The fascination exercised by the wedding ring of Marilyn Monroe, has it but not been affected.
Prior to the auction with titled icons of Hollywood, which took place from 15 to 17 December 2011, the eternity ring was valued at between 300,000 and 500,000 dollars – the actual sale price that was paid for by an anonymous bidder, however far exceeded expectations. Even if the ring of Marilyn Monroe with a missing diamond was no longer fully intact State, he scored a total of $ 772.500.

The Akoya pearl necklace by Marilyn Monroe – gift during the honeymoon

Joe DiMaggio spoiled Marilyn Monroe not only with the precious diamond wedding ring, but she got the next jewelry piece by him during the honeymoon: an Akoya pearl necklace. This jewel was produced by the Japanese Pearl breeding company Mikimoto. At first it may seem surprising that Joe DiMaggio has given away “only” cultured pearls, but this had a good reason.
In 1893 succeeded the founder of the company, Kokichi Mikimoto, to breed the first artificial Pearl. Since then intensive and costly research are operated, the aim of which is to be used as perfect and the genuine copies to confusingly similar beads in Akoya oysters – and with great success. Many bead lovers appreciate their beautiful shine and their high quality, resulting in that the Mikimoto company enjoys a high reputation.
Marilyn Monroe, who grew the string of pearls at the heart, she wore even years after their separation from Joe DiMaggio. Their own words, because she’ll reminiscent of happier times through the chain.
Later the film icon she gave her acting teacher and friend Paula Strasberg, the she in turn on Marilyn Monroe’s request to her daughter Susan left. This was the necklace back acquired in 1998 by Mikimoto and she served as the basis for a new jewelry collection.
From the 7th until July 13, 2010, the Akoya pearl necklace by Marilyn Monroe in the original leather pouch on the occasion of in the exclusive London shopping street was Bond Street issued held culture & heritage week .

Marilyn Monroe adorned with the legendary Moon de Baroda diamonds

It owed their position as an actress by world famous Marilyn Monroe, she was allowed to wear jewels of incredible value, as it can be seen only in the Museum. The highlight here is above all from the former Indian princely state of Baroda (today: Gujarat), Moon de Baroda diamond. With his intense canary-yellow color, he belongs to the very rare fancy diamonds. His today’s drop cut diamond has a weight of 24.04 carat.
Over half a millennium of the Moon de Baroda was diamond in the possession of Indian Gaekwad maharajas of Baroda. In the 18th century, although he captured nadir Shah of the Afghan ruler, but then again came back to its rightful owners.
Later, he was given to Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, concluded from there but again at its point of origin to India, where he has been integrated into a necklace.
At the beginning of the 20th century the diamond was sold by the Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad and attracted the attention in the 1940s, when it acquired the Detroit-born jeweler Meyer Rosenbaum. From him, he was Marilyn Monroe for the advertising campaign of the film gentlemen prefer blondes loan. She wears the yellow sparkling gem in there on a black silk ribbon around the neck.
2008 it could be the Moon de Baroda diamonds on the exhibition organised by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre Diamond divas see.

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