Lost the Phone? Install an App Later to Find!

We wrote some time here on the Cell Phones site an article on how to recover a stolen cell phone . In this article all programs that did this task required the previous installation of some application. The downside to this is that you get an app running all the time and that it will only be useful if you eventually lose or have your phone stolen.

Lost the Phone? Install an App Later to Find!

Now an application called Plan B promises to recover your phone even if it was not installed before the theft.

It works like this: If your phone is stolen, visit the Android Market on a computer, log in to your Google account, and install Plan B. Automatically the application will be installed on your device, as with any other app you install in Market . Obviously you will have to rely on an active data plan on the device. Never leave home without turning on 3G!

After remotely installed, Plan B will run automatically, try to connect the GPS and send you emails with the physical location of the device, either from the GPS or the nearby cellular antennas. Each email will also have the accuracy of the location obtained.

From the reports and user comments on the app page in the Android Market, it works great. So bookmark this page to have what to do if you lose your device. You can also take a test to make sure it works! Now install Plan B on your phone!

Remember that despite generating a little load on the device, it is worth having some app previously installed to prevent if your device is stolen or lost. Even if thieves have the habit of turning off the device soon after the theft, you may be lucky and this will not happen. Also, you may have just lost the device instead of having it stolen. In this case, it will be easy to find it!