Light Top-Boots for Women

Boots are one of the passions of women.

When the cold days come it’s time to get out of the closet all jackets and shoes that keep us warmer. Women are more elegant and has a wide choice of clothing especially shoes. The boots are the hit of the winter and is hard to find a woman who leaves home without your. In winter 2013 the short boots are the feeling, and it is important to know how to use them.

Winter boots For 2013

The short-barreled boots, ankle height is without doubt the 2013 winter fashion. Among the models are the Ankle Boot that are hopping, Chelsea boots, boot. Combine with almost any type of clothing and depending on the mode form a great look casual. After the boots down comes the mid-cut boots as the Western style, popularly known as boot country, and boots that don’t spend a lot of the ankle according to shoesespecially. The riding style boots are still on the rise and match various types of clothing and style, are characterized as high boots. For the bolder the boot over knee still appears in the Windows and should be used sparingly to keep the look vulgar. The detail for women’s boots are military-style and the studs that appear on most models of winter 2013

Best Way To Use Light Top-Boots For Women

Learn to combine the boots with the clothes may not be a task so easy. The short boots can be used in the days of more intense cold with some tights or skinny jeans or a skirt, shorts and dress days less cold. It takes care not to let it give impression that the woman is lower. Wear pants and boots of the same color helps to decrease this impression. The mid-cut boots are recommended for women, a wrong combination flattens the silhouette. They combine with tights and leggings. The high boots as the more democratic and are riding with hardly any visual. Can be used with legging pants, skinny Jean, pantyhose gross. Use with skirt or shorts the tip is to always put a panty hose along.

For more tips on women’s boots for winter 2013, watch the video below: