LED Lights for Home Interior

LED, led lamps, offer different perspectives for lighting quality and low consumption.Today, lighting accounts for over 10% of the electricity consumption in France. The replacement of incandescent lamps such as the train LED by a considerable energy saving while being a design element in your home. Check out our ideas to light up your interior with a bright LED system.

LED Lights for Home Interior

In a large room, it is possible to separate the space into two with a sleeping area and a dressing area. For this you don’t need to create a Visual break, the dressing can be separated from the room by a small wall. And to give the dressing a size effect, add a mirror as large as the wall with a light strip led on the entire contour of the mirror.

In a small open American kitchen, opt for LED lamps to every corner of the space in light.Black and white, this kitchen has three different points of light with a LED system: a light fixture attached to the wall, a hanging lamp and a hood with integrated lamps. Also different from each other, these lights are not only light but fit perfectly to the decoration by their modern design.

Become a Hollywood star while you’re putting makeup on you! This small makeup artist attached to the wall is adorned with a mirror with circular form of LED lamps and side of the ice. At the time very discreet and very trendy, this space lights carefully so that you can sublimate you into a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

The toilets are also a space that you can decorate according to his desires, be they large or small. In white shade Toilets you can use a LED light system along a wall in height for a key offset into the room. The LED will illuminate this white space, but they also create an unusual setting like a ray of sunshine came from nowhere on the wall.

LEDS in the living room

Turn your living room into light with a light dotted to a both elegant and comfortable atmosphere. You can create a library space that integrates harmoniously into the decoration.Two long shelves can be arranged on the entire contour of the wall in order to optimize space without breaking. Used as well as the library as a console, the top shelf holds underneath a LED light system to enhance objects and the books on display.

A LED light strip for the headboard

To add comfort and a cozy spirit in the House think back lighting it for both contemporary and soothing atmosphere. To do this use of light LED strips above the headboard and below your nightstands. LED lighting will help you strengthen the intimate aspect of the room for a peaceful atmosphere.

Between the entrance and the living room, this large hallway was envisioned as a place of exhibition. To put in value LED strips have been laid out on the floor and ceiling and four lamps led riveted on the tables. The LEDS allow to highlight these works while illuminating the corridor. In this contemporary and artistic space, LEDS integrate with the decoration harmoniously.

A library lit by LED light

Integrate a library in the wall to save space while creating a design space. To put this item in value, you can use strips light led installed below each shelf and LED lamps for accent lighting of the library. With these two types of LEDlighting each element of the structure will be highlighted.

LED night lighting for the stairs

The stairs can be a decorative element full thanks to the LED night light system offered by Josephnightlights. Integrated in each market long, the LEDS allow to give a sense of grandeur to this narrow staircase. While earning the space, you turn so easily this passage in a modern element of your interior.

LED to delimit the space

The kitchen and the hallway can be delineated through LED light strips installed in theceiling. So on one side you have the kitchen and on the other the corridor which can give another piece of your interior without a break. Use this trick to give your interior a size effect in a cosy atmosphere illuminated by a soft light.