Lamps, Chandeliers, Pendants, Spots

The lighting design of an environment should be focused on the functionality, harmonization with the decoration and, more current concern, in the energy economy.

There are activities that require more light, such as reading, cooking, working on the computer, and the type of lighting to be used changes according to activity. For example: To prepare meals lighting should not change the color of food; When on the computer the light source should not be directed to the user’s face or to the monitor. It matters even if the user is right handed or left handed!

The amount of light is also important: Try reading with extremely strong or very weak lighting!

Lighting can totally change the mood of an environment and today the automation equipment has greatly facilitated the lighting designer and the customer who can, with a simple touch transform your room into a cozy corner, or a movie theater or a bright environment of party.

Therefore: Attention to lighting to make your home more functional, beautiful and pleasant for all times and activities according to entertainmentdns.

Below, selection of photos of environments where the elements of illumination has highlight, of the sites and blogs: orangebeatiful , stylefiles, casaabril, apartment, delightbydesign and ffffound.

The mirror lighting and sink bench should have a separate circuit so that it is triggered when needed. It is important to note the positioning of the illumination to the mirror, which should not be directed to the user’s face nor create areas of shadow on the face. In addition to this system, another should be the general lighting of the bathroom, as shown in the 2nd photo. In the 3rd photo light points for the computer and bed head, which should also have separate circuits.

In the 1st photo, good illumination for the reading corner (standing lamp, above and a little behind where the head of the reader will be) and see in the 2nd photo the lighting for a reading environment (much light and high, to illuminate by Equal to the table, without creating shadows by being in the middle of this). The kitchen has spots to light the preparation and cooking areas well.

The room uses functional reading lamps that emphasize the decor, creating a very beautiful effect on the wall. In addition, the central chandelier enhances the romantic mood of the environment. Another very well lit kitchen, with spots favoring the work areas and a chandelier over the dining table, right in the center of this; In the last room we have the reading light (the famous Ptolemaic), the central lighting, with a diffused ceiling and lighting embedded in the ceiling (probably a luminous hose) that has an opening in the corner of the wall to snuggle and emphasize the brown wall texture.