Lampre ISD Cycling Team

In 2012 the Italian cycling team Lampre ISD back at the start. The team boasts great riders like Petacchi, Scarponi and Cunego.Beginning Lampre ISD also throw in is very good in the big tours and the Tour de France in particular?

Team Lampre ISD

The Italian cycling team Lampre 2012 again one of the 22 teams in the Tour de France. Lampre team was founded in 1992. The Italian steelmaker Lampre is from that year also involved as a sponsor the cycling team. Between 1996 and 1998, Lampre will say goodbye to cycling but since 1999 Lampre’s back. In 2005 merged with the Lampre team Saeco.
The team is also in 2012 a part of the UCI World Tour and does it automatically to all the major cycling races. The team is headed by Italian Giuseppe Saronni. He will thus support from his team leader Roberto Damiani, Fabrizio Bontempi, Orlando Maini, Sandro Lerici, Maurizio Piovani and Bogdan Bondariew. The leaders are Petacchi, Scarponi and Cunego. The latter two have both the Giro d’Italia has already written his name. Sprinter Pettachi often stage winner in all Grand Tours and the points classification in all rounds already written his name.

Michele Scarponi

Michele Scarponi was born September 25, 1979 in the Italian Filottrano. The talented rider in 1997 was already Italian champion cyclist on the road with the juniors. In 2001 started the professional career Campingship. He has driven in several, especially the Italian cycling team. His results are excellent: he has repeatedly won small and medium prices, Tirreno-Adriatico. He also booked victories in stages, especially in the Giro d ?? Italia 2009 and 2010. In 2011, running very successfully for Scarponi. Powered by the Lampre team. He wins the final classification of the Tour of Catalonia and Tour of Trentino. In the Giro d?? Italia Scarponi can see what he’s worth, he won second place behind Contador. After Contador, however, had to leave the victory of his suspension retroactively, Scarponi was still designated as the winner.

Composition of team Lampre ISD

During the year 2012, Team Lampre ISD following riders under contract. You can select 9 riders for the Tour de France. These are marked with an * by name. If not all the names are known, they will be dealt with later.