Jackets for Girls

Girl jackets sweeten the cold season

Girl can feel in beautiful children jackets like princesses. Especially sweet, the small young girl jackets in plaid or dotted pattern looks. Jackets in colors such as pink, purple, red or pink delight girl. The tones are bright – and dark-haired children and super combined to jeans or leggings. Also a simple dress or a plain skirt with a pantyhose make a great autumn outfit in combination with colorful girls jackets. If your daughter or granddaughter likes flowers or animals, you choose a jacket with imprint: the creative print makes girls jackets catcher.

Girls jackets: diverse looks to choose from
Girl jackets in sizes 80 to 134, see the Directoryaah. You have among others the choice among the following variations:

  • jacket
  • fleece jacket
  • rain jacket
  • snow jacket

Functional jackets are perfect girls jackets for the autumn and winter. They are waterproof and have practical details such as a detachable hood, in addition welded seams or multiple zip pockets. Reflectors in the dark winter months when walking across the street to protect the young. So, the way is still safe to kindergarten or to school through the girls jacket. Functional jackets are often composed of different jackets, which are attracted to each other. So the complete girl jacket in cold temperatures will keep warm beautiful; in the spring or late summer, however, also one of the jackets is enough.


Fleece jacket: very cuddly girls jackets
The fleece is often worn as Undervest in the jacket. These girls are particularly cuddly coats and feel pleasant on the skin. The cozy material keeps the little ones warm beautiful and is particularly suitable for a cool autumn day. Should it rain but, you should access when dressing your child for a rain jacket. These girls jackets are made of wind and water repellent material and very practical. A high Mandarin collar and a – often removable – hood make sure that girls are very well protected from rain and wind. Rain jackets usually have reflectors that increase the visibility of children in the dark.


Perfect girls jackets for the winter: snow jackets
The snow jacket is used, when the cold season has dawned. The first white flakes falling from the sky – and the next generation loves to play with them. Building a snowman or a snowball fight the little ones in a snow jacket stay comfortably dry. A thick padding of the girls jackets also ensures that your child despite the cold temperatures is always nice and warm. A vestibule in the sleeves and the hem is an extra detail that makes the snow jacket for the perfect piece of clothing for the winter.