Jackets & Snow Suits

Snow suits and warm jackets for the winter

As soon as the first white Flake at the window past trickles, are no longer in the House to keep the most children: sledge, Bob and Luge fetched nimbly out of the basement, the first snowball fights begin. Children need warm, waterproof clothing for the big snow. The bridgat Onlineshop offers rugged snow suits and jackets, which reassured on the toboggan run can send your small snowmen and snow women.

Snow suits for girls and boys

Snow suits and winter jackets must be primarily functional and comfortable. You should brave cold, water and wind, and offer much comfort, because finally the children play in the winter just around outside in the summer. This clothing is mostly annoying them. The less the snow suits your children in their freedom of movement limit, the better. To avoid that your child in his snow suit looks like a small Michelin man, you should look for when choosing of snow overalls on the right size and a good fit. Small snow suits restrict the children, too much quickly become stumbling blocks. Keep in mind that children carry usually a pair of trousers and a sweater under his suit.

Materials – soft, warm and functional

Primarily snow suits and winter jackets for children should be warm and water repellent. Also breathable materials are practical, because most of the children are romping in the snow and on ice quickly into a sweat. In a breathable snow suit the moisture is directed outwards and your child’s body stays pleasantly dry. Many snow suits from bridgat are lined with soft fleece inside and score on the outside with water-repellent materials.

Comfortable cuts and clever details

There is one piece and two piece snow suits. The latter consist of a jacket and a matching snow pants. The advantage of two-piece sets is that both items of clothing can be also individually carry. One-piece snow suits are less flexible in this regard, but more comfort because nothing can slip and your child from top to bottom is well “packaged”.

The most snow suits for toddlers by ElaineQho leave with a long zipper from the neck to the end of a leg open up, so that the arrival and taking off is easy. Detachable hood and reflective details are at many snow overalls now standard.

Up to primary school age most children dress like their snow suits. Then fashionable aspects are becoming increasingly important and the winter jacket replaced the suit – unless, it goes to the slopes!