Incredible Selection of Women’s Hats and Accessories

Chic hats in various selection

In the online shop, women will find attractive hats made from natural materials, as well as from easy-care blend or hard-wearing synthetics. The caps feel wonderfully soft and are breathable, so that they are suitable for sports activities in the fresh air. Ladies can choose from timeless classic caps and models in modern design.

Incredible Selection of Women's Hats and Accessories

Classic hats

Knitted hats with fine curly hair patterns act very feminine and elegant. The online shops carry these caps in many flattering pastel shades. Ladies with elaborate hairstyles are choosing cap models, which are cut and press so the hair off the head. Hats in the Basque style prove to be especially versatile. You can combine it with a blazer coat or a sporty winter jacket. The same applies to pretty Barrett hats, which present themselves with and without applied flowers. There are lovely cap decorated with glitter stones sewn-on. Caps from fine yarn with sequins from the collection are ideal to go out. Knitted hats are popular as winter accessories for years with cable pattern. Their rustic look makes good thick winter coats and jackets. They are made of elastic knitted fabric that clings to the head and does not wear out even after frequent wearing.

Fashionable hats

Original fur hat in the style of the pilot keep head, neck and ears wonderfully warm and looks very sporty. Their ear flaps can be buttoned together wishes under the chin or beaten up. Knitted hats with a screen look chic and protect the face in the rain and snow. Young women like to buy hats in the oversized look. Due to their oversized cut the caps not only snug to the head, but sit very casually. The distance is summarized using a wide band at the end. In the online shop, customers will discover the charming hats rib knit in many beautiful colors. A little embroidery lends a special touch these knitted hats.