Ideal Sleeping Bag Buying Guide

Sleeping bags are a great way to allow a person to rest with a comfortable temperature anywhere, regardless of whether you are at sea, mountain or camping. This way you will be able to rest in peace even in case of inclement weather.

Let us remember that the operation of a sleeping bag is not to keep warm but to avoid loss of heat outside, or retain the heat produced inside our body.

The solution for “safeguard your sleep” is not to install any sleeping bag, but choosing the best: durable and easy to carry; not all sleeping bags are the same!

The main things to consider before you buy a sleeping bag for kids are suggested by Pimasleepingbags as follows:

  1. the shape;
  2. stuffing;
  3. the temperature.

The material (shape and padding)

The material used for a sleeping bag must be resistant and insulating especially when used in extremely cold or extremely hot areas. The two types of padding top performing and highly recommended are feather and synthetic. Both provide a high calorific value and insulating, even under high humidity. If you find the words “Feather 90/10” means that the filling is made up of 90% to 10% down and feather. Typically, synthetic ones are slightly higher than those in the guest rooms.

The temperature

Sleeping bag details are often overlooked, but are critically important because they make the difference in quality. For example, in the shape of a Mummy sleeping bags are best suited for cold climates as they bind better to the body; those shape (or square) have a larger surface area that leaves the body more movement and therefore are best suited for warm climates. Before purchasing, always check its resistance to temperature, referred to as Comfort, Limit and Extreme (ideal, limits and maximum).

The sleeping bag is suitable

To help you in choosing the one that best suits your needs, I thought I’d show you the ones that I think are the best on the basis of:

  • Dimensions;
  • Characteristics;
  • Price

The three sleeping bags ideal

Below is the comparison of the three sleeping bags that can meet your needs and are divided based on the reviews and popularity.

  1. High Peak 1200

Do you like to go camping and you love to spend your holidays surrounded by nature? Your new, have a nice dream, traveling companion, is the sleeping bag Lite Pak 1200 of the famous brand High Pak’s industry-leading outdoor. Made of durable fabric and proposed in the color blue, the sleeping bag Lite Pak 1200 is easy and convenient to use, easy to carry and in view of its measures, is also suitable for those who are tall or has a stocky build.

The new Lite Pak 1200 signed High Peak, 225cm x 80/50 size present them cm, weight 1.2kg and a dark blue/light blue. The Lite Pak is perfect during the spring and summer, but can also be used in the fall as it is finished with great care and ensures maximum comfort even at low temperatures.

Often purchased together with the handy auto-inflating mat, sleeping bag Lite Pak 1200 stands out for its excellent value for money. You’re leaving for a vacation in the great outdoors? bring the comfort and quality that only the sleeping bag Lite Pak 1200 can guarantee.

  1. High Peak 20058

If you are getting ready to face a holiday surrounded by nature, adventure, this sleeping bag will be the perfect travel companion for the night. It is made of hypoallergenic material and is perfect for all seasons. It is easily Packable and light to carry, since it weighs just over 1.5kg and its folded dimensions are quite small (40 x 37 x 58cm) and you can easily insert backpack without excessive encumbrances.

2-way zipper makes it particularly convenient: its structure allows you to open it completely like a blanket. ‘Mummy’ is not a model, so leave the space inside to move around comfortably and there are no sizes; is perfect, so even if your body is not rangy or if you need space to have a relaxed sleep.

If your plans include a vacation filled with adventure and you might also find yourself with makeshift situations, this sleeping bag are a convenient and safe drawing pocket, for a restful night sleep without fear that some malicious person can get closer to your cards or money to take them away. The pocket is located in the interior of the unit and only you can know of its existence.

  1. Coleman Pacific 220

Coleman sleeping bag this you can tackle even the adventures in the outdoors in the mountains, no fuss night temperature. It is a very large, comfortable sleeping bag for use carrying warm clothes without feeling forced, ideal for those choosing the high alpine tours and in need of warmth and comfort.

It’s especially handy to be carried with backpack for long walks, does not exceed 2kg in weight and not even folded won’t create any encumbrance on the go. Its padding is made of flannel, able therefore to ensure the proper thermal gradation, with temperatures up to 6 degrees below zero. Moreover, it is also very soft to create a comfort zone for your back.

With this sleeping bag you won’t risk jamming the zipper that, moreover, is learned by a channel which prevents heat loss.
It is also equipped with a convenient outside pocket for storing cell phone or documents so as to have them always with you and avoid losing them or leave them unattended while you sleep at night.