Hysterical Pregnancy: What You Need To Know

Posted by Dog citizen in 24 Aug 2016-

Very common among puppies that have not yet been castrated, the hysterical pregnancy or pseudociese can occur anytime during the life of the animal. “This problem is caused by a change in the hormone progesterone, which sends it to the brain of females to calving information, even without having crossed”, explains the team’s trainer, Paulo César Citizen Dog.

This problem affects the female of psychological and physical way, causing her behavioral changes. “She comes to produce milk and adopt a puppy, that can be a stuffed animal or any other object”, details the trainer.

Although common, most tutors don’t know what to do when the hysterical pregnancy occurs for pregnant ladies. So, the professional Paulo Cesar gave tips on how to deal with this behavior.

  1. Castration is the best way to avoid the problem, because it removes the hormone producing organs that causes psychological pregnancy.
  2. After this phase, you should look for a vet and verify the hormonal levels of the dog. In case of imbalance, a treatment may be indicated.
  3. During pregnancy, which lasts an average of two weeks, the animal must be quite comfortable and avoid removing your “cub” imagery.
  4. These symptoms may manifest itself in different intensities in each animal.
  5. While it is a common problem, it is not recommended that the dog go through it many times. That’s because she can develop stress, in addition to mastitis (inflammation of the mammary glands).

Avoid socializing with puppies that are in fact pregnant can greatly help to control these symptoms in your dog. “Although there is no definitive scientific proof, there are reports of dogs who entered in this State to live with other pregnant”, informs the operator.

It is essential not to change the routine of the dog during this time and respect her space. With great affection, patience and care, your hairy will return to normal quickly. Always consult a veterinarian Valley, especially in such cases, ok?

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