HTC Touch 3 G and Touch Viva

Day of presentations for today HTC, with new model and renewal of the range Touch original, a terminal that remains completely in terms of design, the elegance of its outdoor line has still little competition, at least in my opinion.

Therefore the two models, 3G and Viva, are basically an update of the operating system to version Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional and some improvement in performance. The Touch 3G is something more advanced, has more power processor and more RAM.

Among the similarities we have QVGA 2.8 inch screen, GPS/aGPS, microSD, Bluetooth 2.0, the characteristic port all in one miniUSB 2.0 that doubles as an audio and the interface connector HTC TouchFLO, to control the terminal using your touch screen.

The advantages of the Touch 3G they are your connectivity HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, the 3.2 megapixel camera that reaches your camera, and as I mentioned above has more processor a Qualcomm MSM7225 528 MHz, while the Touch Viva It employs a TI OMAP 850 201 MHz, and more memory, 192 MB of RAM for the 128 MB of the Viva, counting both terminals with 256 MB of flash memory.

For its part, the Touch Viva While not available 3 g supplements with the integration of WiFi, connectivity absent on the Touch 3G, while the camera stays at 2 megapixels, so as we see it is virtually the original Touch, with the update of Windows Mobile 6.1 and more memory.

In terms of external appearance, although it is virtually the same, we must note that the Touch Viva is somewhat higher, has dimensions of 104.5 x 59 x 15.75 mm and weighs 110 grams, the Touch 3G “only” weighs 96 grams and its dimensions are 102 x 53.6 x 14.5 mm.

We finished with the battery, which is also the same as in the original model, 1100 mAh. They will go on sale in October, with assortment of colors for the case of the Touch 3 G and only grey Touch Viva (the last two images).