HTC One M9 Reviews

HTC One M9

HTC One M9 could be available in a version with SoC Mediatek, according to what reported in past hours by the Chinese website Still not clear what type of SoC Mediatek will use (Helio X 10 or X 20 SoCs candidates), while it will be broadly unchanged the remaining hardware profile for the device.

So far the main crux information from eprice AbbreviationFinder site, to which adds the detail of an alleged global Terminal deployment in October (we do not understand well based on what sources the site States the following, as lacking in the original post of eprice).

Rumor to be taken so with the benefit of the doubt, especially in so far as claims a worldwide deployment of the device itself the hypothesis of Mediatek is not improbable, HTC has sold in the past in the Asian market variants of models that are deployed in the European market equipped with Mediatek SoC to keep costs down.

The move might also be determined by the will to remedy the ‘ case ‘ Snapdragon SoC, 810-generated a media case generated by the overheating problems which, however, have much less emphasis in the real use of the device. Waiting for further confirmation from HTC, please take the information just given as mere rumor.

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Motorola Moto G

Last week, Motorola has released the long awaited 3rd generation of the Moto Gand we had the opportunity to pick up a copy of the smartphone for testing. The model that we were given came equipped with a camera of 13 MP with double flash CAT, front camera, full hd 5 MP, dual smart chip for calls and data connection, screen HD 5″ protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, quad-core processor 1.4 Ghz, 16 GB of expandable memory to up to 32 GB, a shell additional blue for the customization of the instrument and the kit Bike Pulse that includes a bluetooth headset with battery life of up to 18 hours of duration, in addition to the headset is basic that is included with all Moto G.


Among the upgrades that the Moto G has suffered the most were highlighted in the presentation made to the press were the water resistance (IPX7), a better camera and the ability to customize it via Moto Maker, a system online that allows you to choose the color of the shell and the panel of the rear camera, the front panel, in addition to recording a phrase of your choice into the shell.


One of the first things that I repair on a smartphone is the ergonomics, I have a terrible problem with devices that don’t seem to fit in the hand, and the Moto G, although a bit more roly-poly than my Moto X, if it comes out well in this regard, including by having a texture on its rear that gives a sense of firmness.

Visually change also pleased: he was more like the Moto X, won a textured back and a metal part that connects the camera to the logo of Motorola making it seem that it is a device in a price range higher.

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Another thing that always compare with is the sharpness and the colors of the screen. The Moto G does not make ugly in regards to sharpness, the screen of 1280X720 pixels allows good reading, even when I was testing the camera under the intense sun, but the colors are slightly washed out left me a little disappointed.


Another item that I treasured in a smartphone, but unfortunately I only get to something satisfactory in devices priced much higher, most of the cameras of the smartphones in the price range of the Moto G has the same problem when taking photos in low lighting: the grain in the image. See an example below.

In environments well-lit conditions the camera of the Moto G fulfills well its role, but has a bit of difficulty in dealing with backlit and in the shade, even with good light, highlights the colors. Even so, the increase is remarkable when compared with the images captured by the second generation of this cell phone.

The focus works well, giving a good idea of depth, as well as the control of lighting, preventing the photo is very dark. As I already said, if you have a good light you’ll be able to good photos with the camera of the Moto G and still have the editing tool of the instrument itself which often helps to fix small problems in the colors captured. The photos presented here have not been changed and are exactly the way they were taken .

Here are a few more examples in the gallery below.

Speed and performance

Here I have not found the problems: ran a few games, I accessed the internet, social networks, downloaded podcasts, listen to music via streaming without feeling any choking that compromise the experience, even though a lot of people have criticized the choice of the quad-core processor 1.4 Ghz, probably this is a reflection of the version of pure Android Lollipop that runs fluidly on this hardware.

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One thing that pleases me very much on the smartphones of Motorola are the small functions that make life easier for the user. In Moto G the screen turns on when we took the gadget in hand, if there is a notification, simply tap the icon to see a preview of it or slide your finger upwards to open the app corresponding, this kind of thing (along with several others) may seem silly, but helps a lot in day-to-day. I have a second phone from another brand, and I feel a lot of lack of such facilities when I decide to use it in place of the Moto X.

Bike pulse

How to use the smartphone to listen to music and podcasts most of the time, use a phone bluetooth headset with good sound quality and battery life decent was a great experience, but the bike press still has another thing that pleased me: even after hours of use I have not felt bothered by it, and taking into consideration that already retired many headphones because of that, it was a victory!


It is a good device, especially for its price range that only exceeds thousand reais in the version that comes with the headphone. Is and a little on the screen, but the camera can handle the recoil and the hardware made ugly during the tests. I still prefer the Moto X, but it is indication to those who want a smartphone dual chip, with a good performance for internet/social networks and do not need a camera top.


From 899 dollars in the virtual store of Motorola.