How Will the Huawei Lure Danish Customers in the Store

Chinese Huawei rates in earnest on the Danish market. Speed, build quality and battery efficiency is among the key words.

Danes demand smartphones from Huawei, and therefore the Chinese manufacturer will continuously expand the product range at the Danish base.

Such sounds lifted from Huaweis new country Manager, Xiao Binbing, in an interview on our site.

He has great confidence that the company can get the Danes convinced to choose a Huawei mobile rather than, for example, Samsung or HTC.

-“First, I believe that it is product performance. For example we make even our chipset in some of our smartphones, so that we can achieve a fairly good performance in relation to speed. We design it yourself, and there are not so many players in the market that can do, “says Xiao Binbing.

He adds that Huawei, has “some key-competences in relation to could make phones of high quality”, and that the company can improve the audio and video quality.

-“We have also created a share innovation in battery performance in smartphones,” says Xiao Binbing, as not only will compete on quality, but also on the price.

The Danish branch opened in 2007. Today, there are 25 employees in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg.