How to Wear a Maxi Dress

I’m so happy to meet you this week to look at a piece that makes eyes at our wardrobe this season: the maxi dress!

How to Wear a Maxi Dress

How to wear? In what colors? Is suitable for all body types?
Maxi dress: decryption below!

How to be canon in maxi dress?

Maxi Dress: Decryption 1 / / Trend City Car

Well Yes, you can wear the maxi dress even in the city!
For my part, I opted for the version soft mesh at Mango: it is super comfortable and stretchy, which allows to easily walk and even climb over the stairs in the subway without problem. She’s really not dear (€19), and frankly the material is nice, I’ll tell you if it resists washing.

Carried the day, she can be very casual with sneakers (mine come in at Motus and I knitting retail glittery back) and same working girl so embellished with a blazer (exclusively from Zara! “I think they are tops).

Finally, to keep a look of summer, I opted for a small wreath of flowers found in Barranquilla, the carnival last year.

The night also it can make its effect, but in this case, we break style combined for example with black boots with heel (for the rock side), an oversize coat and a Chanel Vintage cloutch (good, considering the price I will refrain, it was to show you the style…)).

On the side of Morpho:

O girls, take a look here

This type of dress reveals all the defects, so recommended for morphologies in X and 8 (it’ll be sexy on you, but oh, you tip top!).

O girls: in the urban style, I found a dress from Zara that you’ll be fine if you also like the long

For the other morphos, keep reading, I talk about it right after!


Everything is allowed, provided that it is of the uni (a print could grow us so we avoid at all costs flowers & company). If you are really damn good (but really, really!), the sailor stripe will be the only exception.

Maxi Dress: Decryption 2 / / Trend Bucolic

This summer, it will not escape the bucolic trend in the air and delicate colors: white and pink powder.
Place perfect for a getaway on the seaside, in the countryside and even to visit the castles (good, it is a very personal note because I already see myself wandering through the gardens at Chantilly as soon as the Sun has decided frankly pointing his nose!).

On the side of Morpho:

This is a style that will fit a variety of body types for summer maxi dresses:
X, 8 girls: nothing to tell you because all you will, so sure, go for it!
Girls in A: choose templates to empire waist, this will highlight your lovely chest! To avoid however ‘costume’, pay attention to the selected material: prefer United and fluid materials.
Girls in I: emphasizing air cuts (like the 1st and 3rd image for us to hear), you will add volume to your silhouette. You can afford frills and lace, it’ll be super cute on you!
too much volume in these dresses, I’d stay on the urban style.
Girls in H: models like on the first and last photos will suit you perfectly.
Girls v-neck: GO for you, avoiding the frilly, frilly and ruffles on the top of the body.

Maxi Dress: Decryption 3 / / Trend Evening

As soon as the summer will arrive, and secondarily on vacation, I will do my races to be able to wear a dress worthy of the name.
Below is my selection 100% Missguided, whose parts are classified by morphology:

On the side of Morpho:

X, 8 girls: a dress near the body, two-color to emphasize your size of WaSP and forms!
A girls: here’s an empire waist evening dress that will highlight your chest.
Girls in H: here’s a pretty dress that does not mark the size but with a slit that will attract the looks on your long legs
Girls v-neck: it focuses the attention on the neckline to minimize the width of the shoulders and show your long legs (I’m not a fan of fringes, actually I was looking for a short dress front and long behind, but well you understand the concept: show your pretty legs)
O girls: A dress shirt will highlight you. Think of structure through a gem belt for glamouriser all.
I girls: you say you are too thin to carry the same cleavage: think again! This dress would make vulgar on a girl with the chest, you will know to value and the pleats (on the top and bottom of the body) will add volume and will structure your silhouette.


I stayed mostly on white, black and blue because I find these colors give much elegance, but all colours are allowed!
Last tip: If you’re 8, O or has, beware of power thickening prints.