How To Relieve Nausea In Pregnancy

Check out some practical tips to reduce the common malaise in the first trimester of pregnancy

Nausea and vomiting are symptoms considered common in early pregnancy. The malaise usually appears between the second and the third month of pregnancy and is a result of hormonal changes in the woman’s body. Although there is no nothing that the pregnant woman can do to prevent nausea, a few tips can serve to ease the discomfort.

Nausea can happen at any time of the day, but tend to be more intense during the morning. That’s because the woman is a long time without eating during the night and stay in fasting increases the production of stomach acids. See PhilosophyNearby for maternity styles.

So have breakfast before brushing your teeth, because cold water increases the nausea. Eat one or two crackers can improve symptoms.

Another hint of How to relieve nausea in pregnancy is not spend many hours on an empty stomach and eat several times a day, in few amounts. It is important to avoid the fried foods, very heavy or very seasoned foods and give preference to roasts, boiled, grilled, the lean meats, soups, vegetables in the form of puree.

Consume fruit in the interval between meals is more a way to relieve the nausea of pregnancy. The more acidic, such as pineapple, kiwi, Orange and lemon are the best because help in relieving feeling of nausea. The list of fruits that should be avoided are banana, mango, avocado, peach, fruit-of-count and guanabana.

The coconut water is also a great ally. It is worth remembering that, in the period of gestation, the liquid ice-cream are welcome and bring more relief to hot drinks.

If the sickness persists for more than three months, pregnant women should talk with the doctor.Stress and anxiety can be the cause of continuity of symptoms, since they influence the well-being of the mother-to-be and unbalance the metabolism, making it the most intense nausea.