How to Make Use of Old Bicycle

If you have an old bicycle, which no longer are quarreling, do not rush to dispose of it. Return it to life, but this time with another role, decorated with flowers and hanging pots, it will become a stylish and beautiful decoration for your garden. But even if you have left only bicycle parts, then with them you can also make fantastic creations. To turn the bike in the original garden decoration first well clean from dirt, dust and rust. Then you can paint it a bright color to mount on the handlebars, seat or trunk his baskets and pots with flowers and place it in a prominent place in the garden. And what to do with the rest? There are many interesting options for garden from bicycle tires and wheels. For example, you can make mobile outdoor furniture, which is very convenient for outdoor recreation. Thanks to such movable table will be easy to organize a garden party or dinner. And so that in the summer heat can relax in the shade under the trees, make it comfortable sofa. Complement it can be done and this coffee table. View related website for bicycle lights.

If you have dozens of wheels, do they gazebo-like igloo. They are ideal for it to spin around them climbing plants, which over time will embrace fully the wheels turning gazebo in a cool, shady haven in summer. Bicycle wheels can make them digging in the garden and let the flowers, shrubs and trees to get tangled. you can build interesting fence, gate, etc. View more of other interesting ideas that we hope will inspire you to create something beautiful in the yard and garden.