How to Make Seashell Candles at Home

Candles always attract us with their beauty, comfort, warmth and soft light they emit. On the shelves in stores you can find a huge variety of candles, but most beautiful are the ones you make yourself. Many of you have already been to the sea and are certainly gathered a souvenir shells found on the beach. What to do with them? Can these marine memorabilia transform into molds for candles. If you want great results, Get to work!

What you’ll need:

Large shells or beautiful shells (shells)
Wax blends, paraffin or used candle
Court melting wax
Coloring or aromatic oils

How is it done:

Wash and dry well mussel shells. Stick to their bottom wick and pour on top with hot wax. Pre however prop something shellfish not to split or leak wax. Once the wax cool your mussel candles ready. Put several candles on the table according to Remzfamily, add to the composition a few nautical items and enjoy a great atmosphere created at home. You can paint mussels and wax according to your taste and add aromatic oils.