How to Make Purple Makeup?

It’s amazing how women love makeup, is to go to party, work, etc. ride are always lush, you have some that to sleep and wake up rouged and are never seen with a straight face. So much so that a movement arose a few days ago on the social networks make for the brave who had the courage to post a photo without makeup.

There makeup of various colors and styles and purple makeup is undoubtedly the trend of the time. Do not think that it is used only for emos and goths, no! Purple makeup looks good with all skin types and in various occasions. For those who have lighter skin can use a more pulled purple to lilac or darker, and black women is well more open tones.

For evening parties the purple tones with black look great, especially for weddings and graduations, then we will give step by step for you to rock the look:

Never forget that any makeup should start by correcting and standardizing the skin then apply the foundation to your skin tone, apply the concealer areas with blemishes, fine lines and scars and end with a thick brush, spread powder.

It is also interesting to use a fastener or press for the eyes and then start using the colors themselves. Start shadowing an orange tone above the concave region of the eye, apply around the eye a burgundy shade, leaving mark from the hollow of the eye to the edges of the lower lashes, this marking shall be lying close to the lashes. After, darken the outside corner of the eye with a black shadow and pulling out to make the cat effect.

Now yes it is time to use the purple tone, apply it to the inner corner and in the middle of esfumando eyelid. Then move the eyeliner at the root of the lower lashes and on the upper lashes and close.

Apply an illuminating shade close to the eyebrow, look for the silver tones or income. Finally use a mask lashes to give volume. His make is ready, you can see it’s not that hard, however, is very simple to do is not it? And the better the result, super fashion.

In addition to black, according to Ehuacom, the purple makeup falls very well with gold, purple and silver, which are just a few examples, because the purple makeup is very democratic, falling well with many colors.

To match the tone of your makeup with clothing is required to use softer colors parts, but if you want to dare, wear clothes in yellow or blue shades and let the lips in tones nude , is beautiful.

Do not forget that the more you score the eye, softer have to be the makeup of the lips, even if you are bold.

For day to day, you can also make a simple and soft purple makeup. You may appeal to lilac tones and give a greater appealed to his lips. You can use a purple lipstick, and eyes just put the eyeliner and a lilac shadow across the eyelid, gradually darkening the brow to the cilium.